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“Living our ancestors’ dreams”: Descendants gather to view a newly discovered GU272 photograph

Descendants met on Feb. 7 to view a newly-discovered photograph of a woman enslaved by Georgetown and celebrate her life and family. 


Lauinger remodeling aims to create a more modern, socialization-oriented library

Lauinger Library has served as a main study space at Georgetown, but now, administrators are considering an upgrade to the dated facility. 


Historic university defaced by public displays of affection in Lauinger Library

Georgetown’s Jesuit values are being threatened by public displays of affection by couples in Lauinger Library.


Knock Knock. Who’s there? Candice. Candice who?

Georgetown’s intricately designed system of doorways serves as a stimulating puzzle to holistically enrich the bodies and minds of students.


“Women’s rights are human rights”: Library exhibition highlights U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women

In 1995, Hillary Clinton declared “women’s rights are human rights” at the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women. Over 25 years later, Lauinger Library has debuted an exhibition about this... Read more


During COVID-19 restrictions, Lauinger Library provides services for students on and off campus.

Lauinger Library opened for the spring semester with newly extended hours and new policies to increase student access to resources.


Slave ship logbook in library provides new insight into the slave trade in North America

Georgetown University Library recently announced it received a logbook from the slave ship the Mary from a donor in California.  The logbook is a record of the day-to-day events of... Read more


“Hidden Gem” American Studies major celebrates 50 years

This year, the American Studies Program is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The program, founded in 1969, emerged to address students’ questions about race, gender, nationalism, and other issues prevalent in... Read more


Georgetown introduces new VR with Healthcare Lecture

Georgetown Library and the Gelardin New Media Center hosted a lecture on the role of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare in Lauinger Library on Oct. 1. Three speakers presented, and... Read more


Library hosts “Women in Writing” panel

Hosting their sixth annual Georgetown Writes event, the Georgetown Library presented a panel on Oct. 11, highlighting “Women in Writing” both in the Georgetown community and around the world. The... Read more


Library cancels Club Lau due to funding concerns

Club Lau, the Georgetown Library’s annual party held on the first Saturday of the fall semester, has been cancelled by the library’s executive committee because of funding concerns. The library... Read more


Check Out Harriette Hemmasi, Georgetown’s New Dean of the Library

The new dean of library, Harriette Hemmasi has been working in and around libraries for nearly her entire career, but her first love was music. “I loved being around all... Read more


Library Cuts Set Harmful Precedent

Lau saw its 2016 fiscal year budget cut by six percent or $1 million, resulting in a 17.5 percent decrease in the library’s budget for principal collections of books, as... Read more