Articles tagged: Marriage


The Georgetown Marriage Pact: A match made in data?

More than 2,300 Hoyas took a chance to find their match through the Georgetown Marriage Pact in March, with varying degrees of success.


If You Like It, Consider Not Putting a Ring On It

Two Voice writers trade takes. This week’s topic: marriage. Paul: Marriage is an institution of fear, not of love. Since its inception, the institution of marriage has been deeply interwoven... Read more


Fresh Voices: Emma Francois and Isabel Lord on Marriage

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Emma and Isabel about the institution of marriage, female friendship, and if “the one” exists.


Carrying On: My Parents Don’t Sleep in the Same Bed and That’s Okay

In the summer of 2010, a young English instructor, emotionally unprepared for the chaos of elementary-school classrooms, told the story of a monster that devoured disobedient little children. The cautionary... Read more