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To promote an ordinary life, Pippin promises an extraordinary show

On a campus where ambitious students obsess over finding the highest-paying job, Pippin encourages an alternative: a life that focuses on the little things.


Mask and Bauble’s Love’s Labour’s Lost puts a joyful spin on one of Shakespeare’s more obscure comedies

Mask and Bauble’s take on Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost is a commentary on the dynamics of love and gender.


Exhausting and evocative, Machinal is a massive triumph for Mask and Bauble

Machinal’s set could hardly be any more simplistic. The floor and the walls are covered in basic black and white geometric shapes, vaguely reminiscent of the lighted windows of a... Read more



Performance is coming back to Georgetown.  After a year of green screen set displays and actors talking through the borders of Zoom boxes, theatre is returning to, well, not always... Read more


DBMOAF Weekend One: A Beloved Georgetown Theater Tradition Perseveres in a Virtual Environment

By no miracle, but by the determination and talent of a group of scrappy Georgetown students, the Donn B. Murphy One Acts Festival (DBMOAF) has persevered in an environment that... Read more


Mask and Bauble’s Hedda Gabler is a Gripping Tale of Love and Power

Hedda Gabler, presented by the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society and directed by Margaret Gleason (COL ’22), is an uncompromising work of art. As the lights cast a dim sunlight... Read more


J.B. is a Biblical Retelling with Modern Sensibilities

Serving as a mostly faithful retelling that is still able to feel like a unique story, J.B. is a riveting adaptation of the Book of Job, one of the more... Read more


Hello Again to Student Musicals and Sex

This year’s annual Mask And Bauble Dramatic Society musical, Michael LaChiusa’s Hello Again, traversed ten stories in ten decades (ca. 1900’s to 1990’s). Each story depicted a sexual interaction between... Read more


Speech & Debate Grapples with the Complexities of Truth

Speech & Debate begins by brutally wrenching the audience back into the dark, confusing, and hazy years of high school: painted brick walls, cheesy slogans, and awkward morning announcements. Speech... Read more


Mask and Bauble’s Footloose is an Unpretentious Good Time

It’s pretty safe to say that there are few who are unfamiliar with the general storyline of Footloose. Whether it’s the original film with a young Kevin Bacon or the... Read more