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Cunning and Absurd: EMMA. Finds Meaning in Frivolity

“I would like to see Emma in love. And in some doubt of a return. It would do her good.” In one of his first on-screen appearances, Mr. Knightley (Johnny... Read more


The Reel Pulpit: 2019 Recap, Oscar Nominations

In the first episode of the new decade, host Dajour is joined by leisure writers Steven, Abby, and Bella to discuss their best of the year, and the Oscar nominations.... Read more


Inane and Insane, Lucy in the Sky Isn’t as Empathetic as It Thinks It Is

The year is 2007: between Lindsey Lohan’s 84-minute stint in a California jail and Britney Spears’ yearlong breakdown of shaved heads and smashed umbrellas, media sympathies for female celebrities and... Read more

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The Weekly List: Songs From the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Movie of All Time: Almost Famous

I was going to write about the greatest songs from great scenes in movies. However, there are lots of movies circulating about in existence…like more than I can count. Given... Read more


With A Duo of Superb Performances, Green Book Warms Your Heart

Today’s films are often judged by how nuanced they are at presenting their central themes. They must be direct, but not overtly obvious; thought provoking, but not contradictory; open to... Read more


Trust and convenience in Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer starts underwater, outside of a hulking steel submarine. Inside of it, a human crew is briefly introduced. The men controlling the monitors talk and joke back and forth,... Read more


The Nun Probably Should Have Stayed in the Convent

The Conjuring universe is an anomaly when it comes to modern horror movie franchises. While horror movies usually go downhill from the second installment on, The Conjuring franchise has not... Read more

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New Hendrix Biopic Emerges from the "Purple Haze"

  Music biopics have a tendency to rear toward hagiography, as the stars they depict often end up falling into the stereotype of tortured genius or underdog who bucked the... Read more

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The Drop  is a Bucket of Mediocrity

The Drop is an emotionally manipulative crime drama that forcibly links multiple, supposedly character-driven plot threads in order to build to one of the most laughably-executed twists in recent memory.... Read more

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Movie Monster Madness and the Bay

In 1949, longtime San Francisco-based journalist Herb Caen published a collection of essays about the city entitled Baghdad by the Bay. (If you’re interested, it’s available for purchase here.) The... Read more

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A Million Ways to Force a Joke!

Love him or hate him, Seth MacFarlane has a knack for mocking society and pop-culture.  His first feature-length film, Ted, played out like an extended episode of Family Guy, was... Read more

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Cannes Film Festival Spotlights Art Films

At the end of last month, the world watched as one of the most prestigious events in cinema unfolded in the south of France. The 68th Cannes Film Festival was... Read more

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Only Lovers Left Alive  is "cool"

Pale-skinned, blood-sucking creatures of the night, spend their time listening to obscure music and traipsing around the ruins of Detroit. No, this isn’t a documentary about Midtown, but you can... Read more