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Sneaker Flipping: Inclusive community before profit

Sneaker flipping enables the use of technology to exploit a slow-moving system. Now beyond innovative, the practice has become inequitable.


Nike Decision a Victory for Student Activists

Georgetown University announced on Wednesday that it has signed a new licensing agreement with Nike, Inc., and has facilitated a protocol between the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and Nike, which... Read more


GSC hosts labor activist

The Georgetown Solidarity Committee (GSC) hosted Sophorn Yang, president of the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions, to speak in the Leavey Program room about conditions in Nike factories as well... Read more


GSC holds protest during GAAP weekend

Members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee (GSC) held a protest to raise awareness of the working conditions that laborers in Nike factories faced as admitted students and their families attending... Read more


GSC Sanctions Miss the Mark

On Dec. 8, 2016, members of Georgetown Solidarity Committee (GSC) participated in a sit-in to protest Georgetown’s licensing contract with Nike. Eight of these students have since been found in... Read more


Students stage overnight sit-in against Nike contract

Yesterday at 10 a.m., 17 Georgetown undergrads stormed into the office suite of President John DeGioia in Healy Hall to protest the university’s involvement with Nike in a sit-in. The... Read more


Students rush President DeGioia’s office to protest Nike

2:00 a.m. update: The remaining students outside DeGioia’s office left Healy Hall around 1:45 a.m. while the eight students inside remained. The students outside said they expect GUPD to allow... Read more


GSC holds mock celebration on Nike issue

Gathered outside the empty office of President John DeGioia this past Friday, a group of around 50 students, athletes, and prospective parents sang as they demanded for Georgetown to cut... Read more


Little movement visible in Nike negotiations

 The branding contract between Georgetown University and Nike expires on Dec. 31. As of now, Nike has not signed Georgetown’s code of conduct, and if Georgetown renews the contract, Nike... Read more


In Foul Trouble: Unlacing Georgetown’s Relationship with Nike

As knowledge of Nike’s widespread labor abuses has spread, their relationship with the university has come under fire.


Just Do It: Holding the Swoosh Accountable

Nike has long enjoyed a special type of relationship with Georgetown’s athletics programs. As noted in this week’s feature, titled “In Foul Trouble: Unlacing Georgetown’s Relationship with Nike,” this partnership... Read more