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Divest from the Prison-Industrial Complex

For many years, Georgetown students have pushed for the divestment of Georgetown’s endowment fund from prisons and the adjacent prison-industrial complex, most recently through the Georgetown University Prison Divestment Campaign... Read more


All In: The Fight for Democracy makes its message clear—Young people, vote

In the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race, former Georgia House of Representatives member Stacey Abrams could have become the first Black female governor in American history. While the election ended in... Read more

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Recency Bias and Its Footing in the NBA GOAT Debate

Who is the greatest of all time (GOAT)? Who are the best to ever do it? Who had an impact on the game like no other? In all sports, these... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown explained: GUPD

The Voice explains Georgetown's on-campus police force GUPD and the criticisms it has received over the years.


The kids are dying: What HIV/AIDS activism and gun violence prevention say about America

The parallels between March for Our Lives and ACT UP make it clear: When tragedy strikes, it’s okay to demand that our government do better.


To save the Supreme Court, we must reform it

The only solution to a broken system is change. When it comes to the Supreme Court, as evidenced by the rancorous disputes accompanying every seat vacancy, something has clearly gone... Read more


Malcolm Wilson hopes to be more than 8 to 10 pounds of air

Amid the turbulence of college sports in 2020, Georgetown basketball has a new entry in its long history of advocacy on and off the court. This fall marks the ascension... Read more

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Deaf U: The diversity of deafness and the messy joys of young adulthood

Disclaimer: This piece comes from a hearing perspective. If you travel five miles directly east of Georgetown’s gates, you will reach a campus that is unlike any other, even if... Read more


Women of color in GUSA speak out

How they believe the institution has failed them, and how it can improve


Why cura personalis won’t solve Georgetown’s mental health crisis

Georgetown loves to espouse its Jesuit values. Yet one of them, cura personalis, or care for the whole person, fails to live up to its name.

Digital Issue

October Digital Issue

Hello! Welcome to the Table of Contents for the October Digital Issue! We don’t have any messages this month, except that all our writers and editors did a fantastic job... Read more