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Game Review: Balatro is ruining my life

The key brilliance of Balatro lies in its replayability and creativity; I am compelled to explore so many different levels and synergies.

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Play ball! How sports began to dominate the video game industry

College Football (2024), the next addition to the Electronic Arts (EA) NCAA football franchise and its first since 2013, will release this summer after a long hiatus due to concerns... Read more

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The Last of Us: A terrifying exhibition of a brutal apocalypse

A disheveled child stumbles through a New England forest. Clad in tattered clothes and dirty green sneakers, the boy comes to a ledge and peers out at his destination: Boston.... Read more

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Goodbye Hyper Scape. You were bad but I loved you.

My favorite battle royale is dead. It died, officially, on January 27th 2022, at 5:00 EST, when Ubisoft announced that it would be shut down on April 28th. It was... Read more


Metroid Dread is one of the Switch’s best games. It almost didn’t exist.

Nobody expected Metroid Dread (2021). The game, a follow-up to the Game Boy cult-classic Metroid Fusion (2002), began its life nearly two decades ago as a title for the Nintendo... Read more

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The Great Revival: The Rise of Minecraft YouTube

The year is 2013 and you have just arrived home from school. You immediately rush to your home computer, iPod Touch, or some other Internet-connected device and open YouTube. The... Read more


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is a loving revitalization of an iconic narrative

Ubisoft’s recent re-release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is imbued with love and admiration for the Scott Pilgrim film and comics that serve as the original inspiration.... Read more

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The Best Dynasties To Propel To Glory In The New NCAA College Football Video Game

Every generation of sports fans has their moment, the event in your teens or twenties you can just instantly identify as one you’re going to be cornering your grandkids retelling... Read more


Immortals Fenyx Rising satisfies, but occasionally misses its mark

Romping through Ubisoft’s gorgeous fantasy world and contending with ancient Greece’s most formidable mythical beasts is an enjoyable experience to try out in the post-holiday lull. I just wish I... Read more

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The Weekly List: Keep calm and Mario Kart

The vast wilds of TikTok are a treasure trove of distraction. If you are at least vaguely familiar with the application, you know how it goes: you’re contemplating working on... Read more

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Somber yet charming, Hollow Knight is my favorite game in years

There’s nothing more enticing than a story about the unknown. The reward and exhilaration that come from asking questions about things we don’t understand, then daring to uncover the answers,... Read more

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Mario Kart Tour Races Into the App Store

Mario Kart has been a staple of gaming since its 1992 debut, but I remember it best for its 2003 Gamecube Double Dash experience. Yes, I was the character in... Read more


Where Are All the Ladies in Gaming?

When game designer Luke Crane asked a deceptively simple question on Twitter: “Why are there so few lady game creators,” he might not have expected an overflow of responses from... Read more