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Trailblazing: A new path for collegiate scholarshipsGUSA, Corp launch off-campus housing review siteJodorowsky’s Dune brings epic back from the recycling binMen’s lacrosse survives late charge from Providence

Feature: Trailblazing: A new path for collegiate scholarships

For much of its history, Georgetown’s student body could be summed up by four characteristics: white, Catholic, from the Northeast, and wealthy. While the image has shifted and student dialogue on diversity has developed significantly, the discussion of wealth and the divisions it creates is still one in its growing stages. “Even ten years ago, […]


GUSA, Corp launch off-campus housing review site

The Corp, in conjunction with the Georgetown University Student Association and Georgetown Student Tenant Association, launched Roomr, the first Georgetown student-run, centralized platform for evaluating landlords and off-campus properties, on Monday. The website allows those with Georgetown email addresses to access and contribute to a database for landlord and property reviews as well as subletting […]

GUSA hosts first campus-wide week of arts events
ResLife to end $25 floor fund collection next year
News Hit: D.C. Council passes landmark sexual assault survivor rights bill


Jodorowsky’s Dune brings epic back from the recycling bin

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.” Frank Herbert’s seminal science fiction novel Dune asserts an unattainable reality, a universe represented by the innovators who see one step beyond the expected and the logical. If assessed […]

Saxa Poetica: A Spotlight on Student Poetry
Touch Me exhibit not very pleasurable
Glazer’s Under the Skin out of this world


The Sports Sermon: Old ways hanging on

The men’s college basketball season started with the quintessential matchup of experience against raw talent in the matchup between Kentucky and Michigan State. It ended in the same way with the championship game between the Kentucky and University of Connecticut. With the Huskies taking the title, their fourth in the last 15 years, we saw […]

All the Way: The Jeter Standard
Men’s lacrosse survives late charge from Providence
Baseball struggles against Xavier


From digits to dehumanization: Minor League Baseball

Before the summer of 2012, I couldn’t have told you jack-crap about the sport of baseball. I had played in rec leagues back in middle school, but never really caught the fever. You can probably imagine I was a little anxious when I was asked to emcee local single-A ball games in front of my […]

Carrying On: The walls are closing in
Empowering student tenants through support and advocacy
Structural violence in Panama: Native tribes’ legacy of starvation


GUSA resolution aims to assist deaf community

In a resolution passed on April 6 concerning student accessibility on campus, the GUSA Senate asked the University to set up a funding system to bring sign language interpreters to campus without using Student Activities funding—a reform that would lessen the burden for Georgetown’s deaf community. Presently, there is no centralized system to pay for […]

GSP vital for first-generation college students
Shooting shows veteran mental health neglected

Vox‘s Record Store Day picks and preview

<em>Vox</em>‘s Record Store Day picks and preview

Tomorrow, April 19, is Record Store Day, a day when filthy hipsters like Vox take advantage of sweet deals and exclusive offers to snatch up albums they already own digital copies of or will be able to find for free on the internet later. Whether you listen to entry-level, hipster bullshit or post-post-post-emo-grungecore, Record Store Day […]
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By Ryan Greene
April 19

Gray launches campaign to move homeless families from shelters to housing

Gray launches campaign to move homeless families from shelters to housing

Yesterday, Mayor Vincent Gray began his 500 Families, 100 Days project, which, as its name suggests, hopes to move 500 of the city’s homeless families from the shelter system into affordable housing by the end of June. Although District officials have a lot of excitement for and commitment to the campaign, they have yet to provide […]
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By Ryan Greene
April 18

Just the Tip: GAAP group stampedes and undocumented residents

“Dear Caitríona,” “I have had it up to here with GAAP tour groups. They are so rude and never seem to feel the need to move aside for other people who want to use the sidewalk. I am close to snapping and going on a vicious rampage. Do you have any tips for coping?” “Sincerely,” […]
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By Caitriona Pagni
April 18

Remix Your Weekend: Awesome Con and the Silver Spring Easter egg hunt

On Campus: Because of the holiday, there aren’t any events going on at Georgetown. For those of us who are still in the city, D.C. has lots to offer. Breaking the bubble: Friday Night Contra Dance: A lesson will precede the dance, so no excuses for those of you with two left feet. Head over to […]
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By Dayana Morales Gomez
April 18

Construction, construction as far as the eye can see: University hosts fifth master planning session

Construction, construction as far as the eye can see: University hosts fifth master planning session

On Wednesday night, when most students were boarding planes, trains, and automobiles to go home for Easter break, the University held Planning 203 in the ICC Auditorium. Planning 203 revealed new possibilities for future academic space, sustainability initiatives, construction project updates, and topics of future Vox posts. Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey and […]
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By Kenneth Lee
April 17