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Miranda Saunders

Concert Preview: Little Big Town, March 3, The Anthem

Hot off their widely-praised performance at the 60th Grammy Awards, Little Big Town will be playing at The Anthem on Saturday, March 3rd. The buzz around this country music group has picked up only recently, but the group has been hard at work since its inception in 1998. In the two years since Tornado was...
Anna Shuster

Concert Preview: Portugal. the Man, Feb. 24, The Anthem

This Saturday, Portugal. The Man brings their pop-flavored psych rock to DC’s latest venue, The Anthem. They vaulted the alternative charts last summer with their unapologetically retro single, “Feel It Still,” but they refuse to slow down; now they’re travelling the world with a packed tour schedule to plug their latest album, Woodstock. This band...
Anna Shuster

Historic Presidential Portraits Offer Comfort, Inspiration

By now, the stunning portraits of President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama are all over the internet. We’ve seen the President’s pensive gaze framed with striking green foliage and the First Lady’s undeniable coolness captured in gray and blue. But on the morning of Feb. 12, special guests and members of the...
Claire Goldberg

Concert Preview: The Oh Hellos, Feb. 21, 9:30 Club

Folksy, simple, and sincere, The Oh Hellos make music that feels as warm as it is melancholy. The band began with siblings Maggie and Tyler Health, who enlisted the help of their friends to complete their sound while on tour. Every song feels genuine, and their music tends to have a background beyond the typical....


Rebecca Zaritsky

Open Access: Reflecting on My Grandmother’s Death

A year ago, I wrote an article about my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and how I wished euthanasia could have been an option for her. Last week, my grandmother died. All things considered, she had a good death. She gasped for air and fell off her chair, and by the time a nurse ran over to...
Provost Robert Groves

Letter to the Editor: GU’s commitment to migrant worker welfare in Qatar

Since Georgetown’s founding in 1789, Catholic and Jesuit values have driven our educational mission, rooted in social justice, service to others, and the common good. Today, we have become a global community and are advancing these Jesuit values worldwide through research, teaching, and outreach. Our world faces a number of complex and consequential challenges. Georgetown...
Madeline Taub

A Viewpoint on D.C. Statehood

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, democracy is “a government by the people; rule of the majority.” A government in which, ideally, every citizen is represented and the majority rules. Why should these principles not apply to Washington, D.C. citizens?  D.C. lacks representation in Congress, and to rectify this, citizens like myself want statehood. D.C. currently...
Editorial Board

Vote Nair/Rahman for GUSA executive

This year’s GUSA executive election features another slate of lackluster tickets that fail to inspire excitement or address the apathy towards GUSA from the general student population. This campaign should be an opportunity to bring important student issues to the forefront of conversation on campus, but instead it repeatedly falls into the trading of empty...


Danielle Hewitt

The 250: Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove

In this episode of The 250, Danielle and Kayla Hewitt take on nuclear nihilism with Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. The film is ranked number 52 on IMDb’s top 250, and is an essential piece in Kubrick’s canon. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes |...
Jake Gilstrap

CBB Upsets

In what has been a fairly tame basketball season thus far, last weekend and this past week have been full of upsets. Villanova, Duke, UVA, and Purdue were all top 5 teams that fell victim to upsets over that span of time. The AP rankings have since changed, and will likely change again as a...
Halftime Staff

Trailer Takes: Ready Player One, A Quiet Place, and Thy Kingdom Come

Ready Player One — Inès: What jumps out at me the most in this trailer is the visual effects. All the scenes are very crafted, down to the smallest details, and they look pretty amazing. It’s directed by Steven Spielberg, and that tends to be a good indicator of the quality of a film....
Eman Rahman

Westworld : The Pain of Conciousness

I always say that science fiction isn’t really about the special effects or giant battles between forces of good and evil; it’s more about using speculative scenarios as a lens to examine the human condition. That’s why it’s the superior genre. Nowhere else can we examine ourselves through such creatively understandable means. That’s why I...


Santul Nerkar

The Vault: Upset Alert?

New Vault host Santul Nerkar sits down with Beth Cunniff and Errol French to talk about the Seton Hall and Butler games, the upcoming Xavier game, and...
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