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Brynne Long

Rampage Blames Humans for Overgrown, Destructive Animals

Shockingly, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson plays an strapping, resourceful good guy in Rampage. This time, though, he’s a bit under the height requirement. In this unlikely, formulaic tale, three genetically-modified animals grow 10 times their normal sizes and begin destroying everything in their wake. Fresh off of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which is now...
Tommy Scanlon

Concert Preview: Beck, April 26, The Anthem

For over 20 years, the singer-songwriter Beck has been releasing music inspired by styles and genres from hip-hop to folk, and fusing them to create a trademark sound that has brought him success while maintaining his changing and genre-blurring sound. He garnered fame in the mid-90’s with the surprise breakthrough single “Loser,” a slacker anthem...
Mary Mei

Mask and Bauble’s Footloose is an Unpretentious Good Time

It’s pretty safe to say that there are few who are unfamiliar with the general storyline of Footloose. Whether it’s the original film with a young Kevin Bacon or the adapted musical, Footloose holds an iconic position in our collective memories of the ‘80s, right alongside brightly-colored scrunchies and rigid mom jeans. As Mask and...


Editorial Board

Media Must Cover Police Shootings Responsibly

Within the last three weeks, there have been two high-profile police shootings of unarmed black men. On March 18, Sacramento Police officers shot and killed Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard as a police helicopter hovered above the scene. Video from both the police helicopter and the responding officers’ body cameras show the scene in...
Michael John Poorten

Gaudium et spes: Moment by Moment

My time on the Hilltop is winding down. People have been telling me for years this moment would come, but when you’re a freshman or sophomore, it’s easy to dismiss this message. Senior year can feel like an impossibly distant future. Now, suddenly, that future is my present. One of the many items remaining on...
Dajour Evans

Carrying On: “Don’t Forget the Happy Thoughts”

“Believe me, sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy / No need to be greedy, I got mad friends with Benz’s” The lyrical musings of The Notorious B.I.G blasted on the speakers as everyone rapped and danced along, no one missing a single word. I enthusiastically watched one of my closest friends, along with...


Brynn Furey

The Weekly List: Georgetown Day

With Georgetown Day just around the corner, it’s hard to believe another year has gone by on the Hilltop. We’ve survived through 365 days of classes, jobs, internships, applications, club politics, homesickness, and new Leo’s. Thankfully, we get one full day off before launching right into the stress of finals week. Get ready for a...
Will Shanahan

The Real Homework Your Team Should Be Doing on the NFL Draft QB Class

Four names have dominated the conversation around the pigskin puzzle that is the 2018 NFL Draft. And if you’re a fan of one of the cellar-dwelling franchises that holds an early selection, it’s almost impossible not to have a general understanding of the players who could possibly be the individuals to bring your team back....
Santul Nerkar

Sideline Story: J. Cole previews the NBA Playoffs

J. Cole is no stranger to hype. The North Carolina-based rapper has reached contemporary artistry’s upper echelon, where a single tweet about a forthcoming project sends the music world into a frenzy. Sure enough, J. Cole accomplished this on Monday, as he announced the arrival of his next album, “KOD,” which released just after midnight...
Halftime Staff

Trailer Takes: Incredibles 2, The Meg, And Hot Summer Nights

Incredibles 2 — Juliana: I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to Pixar sequels, because they never seem to be as great as the classics. That being said, I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE! Seriously, how long have we been waiting for it? I’m super happy that all of my favorite...


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