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Photo Contest 2014New tavern license a rarityGUTV Film Fest returns with stellar selection of student shortsDespite initial lead, men’s lacrosse surrenders to Marquette


New tavern license a rarity

“It is the scene of more than a hundred restaurants, jazz and disco dance spots, as well as homosexual bars, pizza parlors, movie houses, fast food joints and ice cream parlors. More than 115 liquor licenses have been issued for the 10-block square area. Like most urban areas, Georgetown is also the scene of traffic […]

University mandates third-year housing requirement
GUAFSCU to offer student loans
Healey pub vendor seeks student input


GUTV Film Fest returns with stellar selection of student shorts

Student filmmakers are receiving an opportunity to demonstrate their talent in a short film competition sponsored by Georgetown University Television later this evening. 12 student-produced films are to be judged on the quality of screenplay, production, and acting by alumnus and television series writer Jordon Nardino (COL ’00), Community writer Adam Countee, and CBS showrunner […]

Grilled Cheese DC not gouda-nough
Hirshhorn Washington Color School exhibition edgy, defies gravity
Under the Covers: Boy, snow, bird walk into a bar…


Women’s sailing changes course

The Georgetown women’s sailing team won the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association Spring Conference Championship this past Saturday and qualified for the Women’s National Championship that will take place in June. Earlier this month, the team had secured a spot in the Team Race National Championship for their performance at the MAISA Conference Team Race. […]

Despite initial lead, men’s lacrosse surrenders to Marquette
D.C. United on the rise
The Tight End: It’s been such a long time


Childish Gambino’s promotional scheme misses the mark

The versatile performer, who got his start as a writer on 30 Rock, has pretty much been everywhere and doing everything. But lately, we’ve seen a lot less of him as an actor, especially since he announced his departure from the cast of Community last year. This move, which baffled critics and fans alike, was […]

Got 99 problems and one percent feminism is all of them
Carrying On: Don’t stop believin’
H*ya Saxa: A senior’s reflection on ‘success’ past the Hilltop


Housing measures leave GU with few options

On Monday, University Planning and Facilities Management announced its intent to convert Ryan and Mulledy Halls, the vacant former Jesuit residences, into undergraduate residence halls to house at least 385 additional students by the fall 2015 semester. On Wednesday, University and GUSA representatives announced changes to student housing policies that require undergraduates beginning with the […]

D.C. mayoral primary displays voter apathy
Adams Morgan liquor moratorium should expire

What would Timothy Leary say: This week’s movie releases

What would Timothy Leary say: This week’s movie releases

This week, Vox wonders what legendary psychologist, psychonaut, and hippie icon Timothy Leary would think of the newest flicks. Turn on, tune in, and drop out, man. The Other Woman Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann,and Kate Upton get into a fight over a vaguely suave, Aston Martin-driving gentleman. He’s been playing all of them! The Other Woman […]
• • •
By Ryan Greene
April 24

Famous whistleblowers pat themselves on the back and blast the security state in Gaston Hall

Famous whistleblowers pat themselves on the back and blast the security state in Gaston Hall

Some of the biggest names in the whistleblowing community gathered in Gaston Hall on Tuesday as part of a symposium on espionage and exposés entitled “Beyond Orwell: Surveillance, Secrets, and Whistleblowers in the Security State.” Presented by the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice and the Georgetown Lecture Fund, the conference featured a taped […]
• • •
By Noah Buyon
April 24

This Week in the Voice: The 2014 photo contest winners

This Week in the <em>Voice</em>: The 2014 photo contest winners

In the Voice’s final issue of the school year, photo takes over the feature in the annual photo contest. The winning photo, “Playing Outside the Triple E” by Trishla Jain (SFS ’15), is pretty rad and has a toy monkey in it, so Vox is a fan. In News, Dayana Morales Gomez looks at the announcement of the […]
• • •
By Dayana Morales Gomez
April 24

University announces third-year on-campus housing requirement

University announces third-year on-campus housing requirement

Today, the Georgetown administration, in conjunction with GUSA executives Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), announced in an email to the Georgetown University community that students will be required to live in University housing for three years and that interim housing accommodations, including the Leavey Hotel, will be used during the 2015-2016 academic year. The third-year […]
• • •
By Ryan Greene
April 23

Vox Gets Into Treble: Relief from a bitchin’ breakup

As the year come to a close, Vox understands that many of its readers are discovering that true love is indeed a duplicitous social construct crafted by the patriarchy. When Vox gets burned by cupid, she finds that the best medicine is listening to the misfortunes of others though song. If you drew the short end of the straw when […]
• • •
By Caitriona Pagni
April 23