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Feature: Context Clues: Piecing Together the Pieces of the Georgetown Puzzle

With a campus that’s constantly in motion with its students moving at a hundred miles an hour in seemingly endless directions, it can be difficult to gather perspective on the big picture of campus life and even harder to find your place in the madness.  Here are some snapshots of the issues that are at […]


Campus construction creates new pedestrian, bus routes

Georgetown welcomed students to a construction-heavy Hilltop this week. With the university trying to meet goals outlined by the 2010 Campus Plan to increase on-campus student activity and living space, several projects are simultaneously underway. Now, students in all areas of campus have developed concerns about noise levels, traffic detours, and safety. Robin Morey, vice […]

NSO includes first ever mandatory sexual assault education component
Four-year housing guaranteed for students with financial need
Chadwicks closes on K St. this weekend, replaced by Mr. Smith’s


Farm fresh fixtures fill local markets with delights dorms desire

Here at the Voice we know how satisfying it is to get your hands around a pair of firm, juicy tomatoes––organic, of course! If in the midst of your frantic move to campus, you briefly betrayed your inner hippie with embarrassing Safeway runs, don’t fret. There are a number of farmers’ markets nearby, with interesting […]

Speculative forms: creates conjecture
DC’s The Partisan transcends divides, celebrates co-op diversity
Breeches & Bodice: Normcore: making suburban dads chic and Birkenstocks haute couture since 2014


Backdoor Cut: The NBA’s greatest worry

Paul George made contact with the ground, and his shin split into two, giving traction to the fear that lingered in the back of the minds of NBA team owners and fans: what if superstars hurt themselves while serving their international duties? After America’s debut in the 1992 Barcelona Games, the first national team comprised […]

Field hockey goes back to basics
Men’s soccer to reach new heights
The Sports Sermon: Tim Howard takes a break


The road to peace in the Middle East lies with the secular left

  The Middle East is often portrayed by mainstream Western media as a culturally backwards region: overtly religious, rife sectarian conflict, and a hotbed for terrorism. If we take a superficial view of the region, it is entirely possible to justify such caricatures. However, if we’re interested in genuinely understanding the region, the recent phenomenon […]

Thin shaming is just as harmful as other forms of harassment
Carrying On: Chipotle changing the face of fast food
Economic privilege alone is not a reason to be ashamed


In Ferguson, entrenched social ills in need of dialogue

The cover of this week’s issue of the New Yorker is awash in red and yellow, the silhouettes of protesters with raised arms backlit by the spotlights of a police armored vehicle manned by a helmeted figure with a gun. Eric Drooker’s illustration, based on a photograph by Scott Droll, aptly embodies the fallout that has […]

Georgetown should lead on divestment from fossil fuels
GU and VA Gov. McAuliffe take campus sexual assault to task

Prefrosh preview: A guide to SAC Fair

While classes and where you live are defining factors of your Georgetown experience, student involvements hold a big impact on a typical Hoya’s time on the Hilltop. The Student Activities Commission (SAC) holds a fair every semester, taking place this year... Read More
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By Grace Brennan
August 27

Washington Post editorial board will no longer use the Redskins’ name

On August 22, the Washington Post‘s editorial board decided to stop using “Redskins” to describe D.C.’s friendly, more-than-a-little-racist neighborhood football team and joined a growing chorus of dissenting voices in the media and government about the controversial name. “We don’t... Read More
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By Kenneth Lee
August 27

Mr. Smith’s replacing Chadwick’s on K Street

  After over 40 years of piano sing-alongs and garden patio dinners, “the friendliest saloon in town,” Mr. Smith’s, will be closing by the end of the month. That doesn’t mean all has come to an end for this... Read More
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By Grace Brennan
August 27

D.C. saddened by the death of its beloved snowy owl

Bird-lovers across the District are mourning the loss of their favorite feathered friend: the snowy white owl. She was first seen in downtown D.C. one bitter winter day in January. Because these birds are typically only found in... Read More
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By Marisa Hawley
August 26

Twuesday Tweetacular: Rodents of unusual size

oh heeyyyyyy dc! — Georgetown Hot Mess (@GTownHotMess) August 16, 2014 Welcome back to the nation’s capitol, Hoyas! Georgetown Hot Mess, for one, is glad to back among impressive monuments, ineffective legislators, and way too much construction. You... Read More
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By Daniel Varghese
August 26