Luis Borrero

A United Kingdom: Not a Failure, But Hardly a Success

Biographical films are tough as they tell the story of usually unknown real-life heroes that rose to the occasion and defied the system. Therefore, on one hand, filmmakers feel pressured to honestly present the ‘based-on-a-true-story’ lives that they portray, while, on the other, they must also entertain and please audiences, if only for the sake...
Sahil Nair

The Lego Batman Movie Builds a Better Batman

The Lego system has served as a building block for many people’s childhoods. With Legos, children and adults can create while limited only by the bricks in hand and the ideas in mind. Buildings are built, worlds are created—and then more bricks are needed. The possibility of Lego must have been attractive to game designers...
Xavier Ruffin

CV: Wyclef Jean, J’ouvert

After an almost four year hiatus, Wyclef Jean has returned with the release of his new EP, J’ouvert. The former Fugees frontman demonstrates that despite years of musical absence, he is still conscious of the social and political issues that matter today. Always an outspoken artist and activist, Jean continues to use his music as...
Ashianna Jetha

Don’t See Fifty Shades Darker With Your Mother

The release of the long-awaited sequel to the box office hit Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker is sparking excitement among a large range of viewers. From teenagers to adults, fans disappointed in the original Fifty Shades of Grey movie’s balance of romance and sex appear in hopes that the second installment can redeem...


Claire Goldberg

Why We Need to #TrustWomen and #DeleteUber

Last weekend, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler posted a blog about her experience with the company’s use of human resources (HR) and managerial tactics to cover up blatant sexual harassment, tactics which are sexist and disgusting. While the CEO of Uber has called for an investigation into this harassment, which Fowler said was not limited...
Editorial Board

Vote Mack/Andino for GUSA Executive

As the GUSA executive election approaches, the Georgetown community is once again reminded of the student organization that ostensibly serves as the voice of the students to the administration. GUSA campaigns are typically spaces reserved for posturing on the parts of candidates as they appeal to various student groups by promising to bring change and...
Marissa Ilnitzki

Proactive Prevention Can Save the Green Ash From Invasive Beetles

On the well traversed walk from ICC to the Front Gates, it’s hard to miss perhaps the most famous, distinctive, photographed, and climbed of Georgetown’s trees: “The King” Green Ash. Even the most reclusive students can recall a time when the low limbs of this giant enticed them. A time when the grandeur of this...
Caitlin Mannering

Carrying On: Untangling the Art From the Artist

I have always been in love with movies. Beautiful, gritty, or suspenseful, it doesn’t matter. When done right, a film has the power to place me in a different world, a world more dazzling, more terrifying, or more outlandish than the one in which I reside. A soaring piece of music, a particularly cutting dialogue...


Claire Goldberg

A Not-So-Definitive Ranking of Kanye’s Cover Art

When The Life of Pablo was released, I came across this tweet linking Kanye’s previous three albums to the three phases of Pablo Picasso’s artwork, which might’ve been a stretch, but definitely resonated with the singer’s ability to blend the visual with the musical. One of the most important aspects of Kanye’s art is the...
Ryan Miller

How DeMarcus Cousins made me a Kings fan, again

I put on my DeMarcus Cousins t-shirt with a blissful ignorance that all Kings fans experienced Sunday morning as I prepared for Boogie’s third All-Star game. I said to a friend that he was going to get a triple-double, only half jokingly. Boogie hit a three pointer, but then the Kings went for a hail...
Halftime Staff

Trailer Takes: Ghost in the Shell, Song to Song, and The House

Ghost in the Shell, Trailer #2: Eman: From the get-go, I’m a pretty big fan of the original Ghost in the Shell. I haven’t delved into the annals of anime to that much of an extent, but 1995’s Ghost in the Shell is probably one of my favorite animated films in general. That being said, this live action...
Brynn Furey

We Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone

Good horror is hard to come by nowadays, either because the plots are unoriginal or the filming is focused on gruesome, bloody imagery. Shaking our heads in disappointment at the present state of horror, we must turn to the classics. Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone (1959-1964) is an iconic 20th century television series that features...


Danielle Hewitt

Taste Test: Doritos

Welcome to Taste Test, a food podcast from The Voice Podcast Network! This week, in honor of the Super Bowl, host Erika Bullock talks Doritos with Dan...
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