Curtain Call: The diversity of Georgetown’s theater communityGU Farmer’s Market completes fruitful season in Red SquareThe Hilltoss: Corp’s culinary skill rears its head in latest ventureWomen’s soccer climbs by Mountaineers on penalties

Feature: Curtain Call: The diversity of Georgetown’s theater scene

Few come to Georgetown for the theater scene. Until recently, the university did not even have a theater major or administrative structures to support acting or set design. In spite of this, Georgetown boasts four active, student-run theater groups. With their unique quirks and history, each campus theater group occupies a niche in the theater community. […]


GU Farmer’s Market completes fruitful season in Red Square

After a move to Red Square and the addition of several new vendors, the Georgetown University Farmer’s Market concluded a successful season last week. Vendors and student leaders praised the changes, citing greater participation and student engagement. “It’s been a big year for the Farmer’s Market, as we’re reaching full capacity,” said Lexi Cotcamp (MSB […]

October and November crime more than doubles from same period last year
Elevator malfunctions create accessibility issues on campus
Saxa Politica: Got a problem? Here’s a town hall


The Hilltoss: Corp’s culinary skill rears its head in latest venture

Ron Swanson was once asked whether he’d like some salad. His response? “Since I am not a rabbit, no, I do not.” I would normally agree with any piece of wisdom taken from “Parks and Recreation,” but for the Corp’s newest venture, The Hilltoss, I was forced to betray the manliest of men. Astoundingly, the […]

Mask and Bauble confronts anonymity
Black Movements Dance Theatre raises the barre with Paradigm
Reviews Haiku’d


The Sports Sermon: Warring winter factions

As I sit in my apartment, trying to make it through the last week before this semester’s first major holiday break, there’s only one thing on my mind: snow. Specifically, snow-related sports. Like any good Vermonter, I grew up learning how to ski and skate before I was even potty trained. My parents signed me […]

Full Court Press: Laying the smackdown on the middlemen
Men’s basketball downs A&M
Football rammed by Fordham


Building your passion should come before building your resume

Leadership is a quality that almost everyone strives for and sees as an indicator of success. Throughout my life, I believed  being a quintessential leader—an outgoing individual who can rally crowds behind a common cause, who always knows where to go and what to do, and who has an immense sense of agency—was a character […]

Carrying On: Religion inciting inner conflict
If you don’t know, don’t go: Put an end to the party crashing
This college student hates clickbait and the reason why will shock you


Res Life, administration must address RA sexual assault concerns

An op-ed written by Thomas Lloyd (SFS ‘15) in The Hoya last week about the mishandling of the Milzman ricin incident raised the issue of the unacceptable treatment of Resident Assistant by Georgetown’s Office of Residential Living. In response to Lloyd’s revelations, this Editorial Board called upon university administration to clarify the roles and responsibilities […]

GU should up restrictions on Greek organizations for students’ benefit
GU students must answer call to implement national service year

Vox wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vox will be going offline for the remainder of the week to celebrate Thanksgiving Day–and recover from the subsequent food coma after she has eaten her weight in sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. Unless the administration announces plans... Read More
• • •
By Marisa Hawley
November 26

Vox Gets Into Treble: Dancin’ the break away

Thanksgiving break is here! That means food, family, and several days off of school hometown raging. Get out there and gyrate on the dance floors with this fire mix of some of the best tracks Vox could think of. Live for... Read More
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By James Constant
November 26

The New Yorker attacks the Redskins’ name in their December cover

A certain N.F.L. football team has swept headlines across the country over the past year–and not for winning the Super Bowl. The US and Patent Trademark Office, NPR, The Washington Post, and the D.C. Congressional Delegate have all voiced their dissent... Read More
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By Grace Brennan
November 25

Campus crime rates recover from recent spike

The neighborhood surrounding Georgetown has recently seen a rise in crime–most commonly incidents of theft and sexual assault. According to Jay Gruber, chief of Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD), this increase follows a trend. “Crimes occur in ebbs... Read More
• • •
By Morgan Hines
November 25

GUSA lectures freshmen on future perils of 2018-2038 campus plan

On Sunday night, outgoing Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Craig Cassey (COL ’15), GUSA president Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), GUSA Undersecretary for Disability Affairs Lydia Brown (C’15), and incoming ANC Commissioner Reed Howard (SFS ’17) briefed a bustling meeting room of... Read More
• • •
By Kenneth Lee
November 25