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Claire Goldberg

Concert Preview: St. Vincent, Nov. 27, The Anthem

Annie Clark is a certified badass. Better known by the stage name St. Vincent, the eclectic alt-rock femme fatale’s music goes from moody to futuristic to head-banging classic all within a single song change. But she’s more than just a musician: She has co-directed films and crafted her own guitar designed for female musicians. Her...
Anna Crowley

Concert Review: Grizzly Bear, Nov. 8, The Anthem

The industrially chic and technologically savvy venue The Anthem was an appropriate location for the bearded, beanie-wearing crowd that came to see the indie-rock group Grizzly Bear on Nov. 8. The Anthem is located on the District Wharf, a development along the Potomac that opened on Oct. 12 and features restaurants, apartment complexes, and stores....
Graham Piro

Justice League Reinforces DC’s Course Correction, for Better or Worse

Few films have hit theaters with the same production problems as Justice League. Indeed, any comic fan would have been concerned with the litany of bad news coming out of the troubled production process: Joss Whedon was completely retooling it in post-production after director Zack Snyder stepped down; Ben Affleck wanted out as Batman; the...
Clare Foley

Murder on the Orient Express: A Good Twist Covers For A Weak Adaptation

My first introduction to Agatha Christie was on Christmas Day 2007. My uncle gave ten-year-old me one of her novels with the inscription, “This is widely considered Christie’s best book, because she reinvented the classic mystery novel with one of the greatest twists of all time.”  I have read over eighty Agatha Christie novels since,...


Anne Paglia

Carrying On: Selective Memories on Thanksgiving

“Our smallest Thanksgiving yet.” My dad’s gaze fell from the webcam, and my stomach dropped along with it, sunk by guilt. A hemisphere away, my chair would be one of those subtracted from the dining room table. My sister, I was told, would make the pie this year. He listed the guests while I did...
Emily Jaster

Carrying On: Keep Dreaming

I’ve developed a set of strategies so that staying awake is no longer just a matter of endurance. Rationing caffeine intake is an artform. Personally, I tend to start with a black eye—a coffee with a double shot of espresso—and buy another red eye—a coffee with a single shot—every few hours. I’ve found that no...
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Julia Pinney

When Home Is Hard to Define

Up until I left for Georgetown, it was simple to define “home.” Home was the house in Los Angeles where grew up. It was the place where I learned to swim with my twin sister Katharine and my preschool best friends Charlie and Evren, endlessly doing mermaid kicks as we clutched the side of our...
Editorial Board

State Department Cuts Draw Concern

In the 11 months since his inauguration, President Donald Trump and his administration have weakened and eroded a number of top federal agencies. From the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Energy, the agencies and bureaucracies tasked with carrying out American governance are understaffed, undermined, and ignored. Political positions go unfilled, those who receive...


Santul Nerkar

Thanksgiving College Basketball: What to Look for at PK80

Thanksgiving is here. As the holiday pertains to college basketball, it means that we are treated to a full slate of marquee early-season tournaments, including the Phil Knight Invitational (PK80). The PK80 features 16 Nike-affiliated schools, split across two brackets, Motion and Victory, that will compete in Portland in an exciting event for college basketball...
Tristan Lee

NFL Week 11 Winners and Losers

Week 11 in the NFL was filled with tight, exciting games, with a couple blowouts along the way. Several teams solidified their spots as playoff contenders, while others made us skeptical and unsure. As we start to find out who are the contenders and who are the pretenders, here are the NFL Week 11 winners...
Max Fredell

Skateboard Shoes, Sneaker Culture, and a Mob with Machetes

Cosigns don’t sell shoes anymore; shoot, Kylie Jenner can’t even make Pumas look cool in 2017. It takes a village to bring your clout up, something Nike Skateboarding (SB) can attest to. I don’t mean Nike as a whole, they’re doing fine. Nike SB, born in 2002, was Nike’s attempt to breach the skater culture...
Beth Cunniff

The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

Yankees-Red Sox is kid’s stuff. Duke-UNC is a joke. Don’t even talk to me about Warriors-Cavs. There is only one great rivalry in global sports, one that overshadows all the rest. One that was born from a religious curse and bred through constant heartache. I’m talking, of course, about the Dublin-Mayo rivalry in men’s Gaelic...


Emma Francois

Stripped Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode of Stripped, Isabel Lord and Emma Francois tackle some fashion and tabloid news, discuss the end of Teen Vogue in print, and mix in so...
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