Voice cartoon sparks dialogue concerning issues of diversity and unconscious biasBeethoven’s Eroica triumphs in GU Orchestra’s multimedia concertMen’s hoops defeats DePaul for third straight winLive and Let Learn: The next phase of the living learning community program

Feature: Charting a New Course: The new Big East and Georgetown Athletics

On Dec. 15, 2012, the seven Catholic, non-football affiliated member universities of the Big East Conference decided that enough was enough. The seven schools, Georgetown among them, chose to split apart an historic basketball conference which had been in operation since 1979: the Big East. While navigating the change was initially a challenge for many […]


Last Campaign for Academic Reform advocates for diversity core requirement

On Mar. 27, Main Campus Executive Faculty will vote on a proposal that would require all undergraduate students to take two classes that relate to multiple diversity-related issues as part of their academic course requirements. In a joint effort, the Last Campaign for Academic Reform and the Provost’s Committee for Diversity put forth the proposed […]

Georgetown reminds Aramark of its continued commitment to the Just Employment Policy
Brown’s proposal for establishment of Disability Cultural Center gains momentum
Saxa Politica: Hoyas need to set aside moral superiority


Blomkamp’s Chappie short circuits on arrival, fails to come to life

Ever since Hal 9000 uttered the immortal words “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that,” artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for science fiction movies. Chappie, the third film directed by Neill Blomkamp, attempts to put a fresh spin on the tired technological cautionary tales of The Terminator and The Matrix. The […]

Second State celebrates rustic elegance
Willem de Looper’s paintings blur lines with color at Hemphill Gallery
Out of Control: Say goodbye to griefers, hello teamwork


Sports Sermon: The other March Madness

The madness has commenced. Millions of Americans will tune in regularly over the next month or so to get their regular fix of what has quickly evolved into one of this country’s favorite events on the sports calendar. They will feel the collective ups and downs of the athletes involved, make outrageous postulations despite not […]

Women’s hoops preps for Big East
Abracadabra: A quick fix for the Wizards’ woes
Mixed results for softball in Fla.


After hate, a new imperative to embrace the ‘other’

On Wednesday, Feb. 11, I woke up to horrifying news: 23-year-old Deah Barkat, 21-year-old Yusor Abu-Salha, and 19-year-old Razan Abu-Salha—three Muslim students in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina—had been murdered. I felt an overwhelming sense of despair  and injustice. The youngest of the three victims was my age, my sex, and shared my […]

Carrying On: Making sense of community anger
I want you: Apply to serve in Joe and Connor’s cabinet
Trevor and Omika connect to Georgetown one last time


It’s time for a diversity requirement at Georgetown

On Mar. 27, the Main Campus Executive Faculty will consider a proposal to include an “Engaging Difference” requirement in the undergraduate core curricula. The Last Campaign for Academic Reform and the Provost’s Committee for Diversity began circulating an online petition for the proposal on Feb. 22, after the reaction to a Voice cartoon highlighted the […]

Firearms have no place in sexual assault battle
All-boys high school wrong solution for DCPS woes

FAST Act to simplify FAFSA application raises concern from students

Several students recently voiced their concerns with a new bill introduced by Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) in January that proposes to significantly restructure how the federal government helps students pay for college. Drafted last... Read More
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By Thomas Stubna
March 7

Increased student mobilization against restrictive housing policy gets attention of administration

Mobilization against the current housing policy for study abroad students has continued to gain momentum through increased participation and advocacy, especially with the usage of online forums. This policy, which was issued in Feb. 2014, excludes Fall 2015... Read More
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By Marisa Hawley
March 5

Mary Jane is getting around in D.C.—but has she been accepted to Georgetown?

In the D.C. general elections on Nov. 4, the legalization of marijuana (Initiative 71) was voted on with overwhelming support—about 65% of voters were in favor. It took several months for that vote to reach fruition. Last week, marijuana... Read More
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By Morgan Hines
March 5

Club (Sports) or Die: Women’s Basketball

The Georgetown Women’s Club Basketball team may not be 7 feet tall and 350 pounds like Josh Smith, but they definitely are tough. “Playing club basketball at Georgetown has honestly been one of my best experiences here so... Read More
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By Carley Tucker
March 5

Provost Groves announces passing of former Dean of the School of Languages and Linguistics

Today in an email to the Georgetown University community, Provost Robert Groves announced the passing of Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the School of Languages and Linguistics, Dr. James Alatis. He also served as Distinguished Professor of... Read More
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By Marisa Hawley
March 4