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Santul Nerkar

The Vault: Upset Alert?

New Vault host Santul Nerkar sits down with Beth Cunniff and Errol French to talk about the Seton Hall and Butler games, the upcoming Xavier game, and...


Anna Shuster

Concert Preview: Portugal. the Man, Feb. 24, The Anthem

This Saturday, Portugal. The Man brings their pop-flavored psych rock to DC’s latest venue, The Anthem. They vaulted the alternative charts last summer with their unapologetically retro single, “Feel It Still,” but they refuse to slow down; now they’re travelling the world with a packed tour schedule to plug their latest album, Woodstock. This band...
Anna Shuster

Historic Presidential Portraits Offer Comfort, Inspiration

By now, the stunning portraits of President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama are all over the internet. We’ve seen the President’s pensive gaze framed with striking green foliage and the First Lady’s undeniable coolness captured in gray and blue. But on the morning of Feb. 12, special guests and members of the...
Claire Goldberg

Concert Preview: The Oh Hellos, Feb. 21, 9:30 Club

Folksy, simple, and sincere, The Oh Hellos make music that feels as warm as it is melancholy. The band began with siblings Maggie and Tyler Health, who enlisted the help of their friends to complete their sound while on tour. Every song feels genuine, and their music tends to have a background beyond the typical....
Ryan Mazalatis

Joe Biden at the Anthem

In modern America, political discussion has become taboo among friends and family. The country is engulfed in a sense of division that’s unprecedented in modern political history. The US finds itself weakened on the world stage, and our future seems uncertain. The shadow of Donald Trump and the moral corruption of Washington looms large over...


Editorial Board

Vote Nair/Rahman for GUSA executive

This year’s GUSA executive election features another slate of lackluster tickets that fail to inspire excitement or address the apathy towards GUSA from the general student population. This campaign should be an opportunity to bring important student issues to the forefront of conversation on campus, but instead it repeatedly falls into the trading of empty...
Michael DeFelice

Gaudium et spes: Give Yourself Up for Lent

“We must, therefore, gain possession of ourselves, by asceticism, in order that we may be able to give ourselves to God.” –Thomas Merton You may have seen people walking around with ash on their foreheads last Wednesday. This, of course, was not a result of the Georgetown community forgetting en masse to wash their faces...
Allison Pfotzer

Starbucks Refuge

I’m sitting in a Starbucks thumbing through a World Bank report on education. My cold, numb hands clasp a coffee cup for warmth. “64 million primary and 72 million lower secondary school children in lower-income countries are not in school.” In the margins I scrawl “by the time we figure out the next moves, we’ll...
Obed Ventura

Solidarity Shouts: The Trouble With The Democrats

In October of 2016, I walked into my room in Kennedy Hall and threw my backpack on the ground as I made my way to the desk. My absentee ballot had finally arrived. An hour later, the ballot was dotted with bubbles I had filled in, voting for this councilman and that proposition. Only one...


Halftime Staff

Trailer Takes: Ready Player One, A Quiet Place, and Thy Kingdom Come

Ready Player One — Inès: What jumps out at me the most in this trailer is the visual effects. All the scenes are very crafted, down to the smallest details, and they look pretty amazing. It’s directed by Steven Spielberg, and that tends to be a good indicator of the quality of a film....
Eman Rahman

Westworld : The Pain of Conciousness

I always say that science fiction isn’t really about the special effects or giant battles between forces of good and evil; it’s more about using speculative scenarios as a lens to examine the human condition. That’s why it’s the superior genre. Nowhere else can we examine ourselves through such creatively understandable means. That’s why I...
Rachel Lock

Unpacking Westworld : Recap and Season 2 Predictions

“These violent delights have violent ends,” Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) warns in HBO-hit Westworld (2016-). The Shakespearean quote certainly holds true in season one’s explosive finale—the dangerous glee Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) takes in fostering his creations’ sentience came with its own volatile consequences. A show that both grapples with AI-morality, limits of human...
Graham Piro

The Reel Pulpit: Marvel’s Black Panther

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, hosts Graham Piro and Dajour Evans are joined by Sienna Brancato to discuss Marvel’s latest film, Black Panther. One of the most talked about and successful films from the studio, it has met acclaim for both its cultural significance and role within Marvel’s cinematic universe. Play in new window...


Santul Nerkar

The Vault: Upset Alert?

New Vault host Santul Nerkar sits down with Beth Cunniff and Errol French to talk about the Seton Hall and Butler games, the upcoming Xavier game, and...
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