Fall Fashion 2014Hoyas United for Free Speech to protect student rightsMeditate through ‘Days of Endless Time’ exhibit at Hirshhorn MuseumThe main event: Boxing brawls in six stellar bouts

Feature: Fall Fashion ’14

From the steps of Lau, to Healy Hall, and around to Henle Village, the Voice helps you stay in style as you weave your way through the maze that is Georgetown’s campus.


Hoyas United for Free Speech to protect student rights

Hoyas United for Free Speech, a recently-formed unaffiliated coalition of students concerned with expression and diversity of speech on campus, is seeking extensive reforms to Georgetown’s policies and practices in a petition addressing “the state of free speech on campus.” The students are calling for Dr. Todd Olson, vice president of student affairs, to remove […]

Construction illuminates accessibility issues on campus
Former SFS Dean Carol Lancaster dies
Catholic University’s ‘Milk’ screening resolution sparks broader conversation


Meditate through ‘Days of Endless Time’ exhibit at Hirshhorn Museum

The soft strings of a cello draw the viewer into a dark gallery. This tranquil greeting opens “Days of Endless Time,” the Hirshhorn Museum’s new moving-image exhibition that explores the slowing and suspending of time to counteract the speed of the technological age. When you enter the gallery, time becomes irrelevant, and the whole experience […]

Iñárritu soars to new heights with Birdman
Exorcise your nightmares on M Street
Bienvenue to Chez Billy Sud


The Sports Sermon: The dark side of pickup games

Playing pickup sports might be one of the most dangerous choices you can make. If you’re choosing to participate in that type of setting, chances are you don’t play on a collegiate or professional level. No one wants to risk their health in a game that doesn’t matter, but when it’s all someone has, these […]

BuckWild: Feeding america’s hunger for competition
No love for tennis teams in losses
Field hockey’s greatest show on turf


Uncovering Georgetown’s vendetta against the class of 2017

Georgetown sent students into an uproar when it announced that it was considering a third-year Leo’s meal plan requirement for students. There are many problems that would come out of this requirement, with overcrowding at Leo’s and financial troubles for the students among them. But while these are struggles that would likely affect all students, […]

Forget the fourth wall: Breaking Hollywood’s glass ceiling
Outsmarting your cerebellum: Seizing both the day and night
Carrying On: The sky is falling: Leaving red meat behind


Construction, advocacy should augment campus disability dialogue

With much of Georgetown’s campus currently affected by construction, accessibility for disabled students and faculty has been severely curtailed. Fences crisscross throughways while concrete barricades block off roads and ramps. Although these blockages have been understandingly created for safety reasons, they have unacceptably rendered some buildings on campus functionally inaccessible by disabled students. Flyers with […]

GU administration’s priorities turn away from student rights, well-being
District Council should advocate in opposition to concealed carry ruling

Georgetown updates visitor policy in response to West African Ebola outbreak

Paranoia surrounding the West African Ebola outbreak and its potential to spread to the United States has found its way to Georgetown, but it can never hurt to be prepared. Administrators announced an update to the campus visitor... Read More
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By Ryan Greene
October 24

Georgetown basketball to start two-year series with UConn

Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III announced today that the Hoyas will play former Big East conference rival and reigning national champion, Connecticut, in a two-year, home-and-home series that will start in the 2015-16 season. As part of... Read More
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By Joe Pollicino
October 24

Humorous banner protests Reiss Walkway closure

Last night an unknown person or group of people decided to take matters into their own hands and tear down the wall blocking off the Reiss Walkway. It was more of a figurative tearing down, however, because the... Read More
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By Ryan Greene
October 24

Hoyas United for Free Speech continues to gain student support

Hoyas United for Free Speech, the student-led coalition committed to preserving safe space and promoting expression on Georgetown’s campus, has experienced an influx of support over the past few weeks since its formation. On Oct. 5, the group... Read More
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By Marisa Hawley
October 24

Just the Tip: The great bagel caper

Dear Connor, I have something of a moral dilemma. Meal swipes at Einstein’s Bagels get you a fruit cup or yogurt, a piece of fruit, and a drink. That’s fucking ridiculous. My meal swipe is worth about $14... Read More
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By Connor Rohan
October 24