Rachel Cohen

March for Black Women

  A group congregated in Seward Square for the March for Black Women, an event which aimed to recognize marginalized voices in America.The rally,...

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Monica Cho

Critical Voices: Pink, Beautiful Trauma

From start to finish, Pink’s latest album Beautiful Trauma is a proud declaration that she has matured but hasn’t lost a single ounce of the unapologetic brashness that put her on the map. Beautiful Trauma is singer-songwriter Pink (P!nk)’s seventh studio album. Although her last album release was in 2012 with The Truth About Love,...
Julia Pinney

Colorful Worlds and Colorful Faces at the Touchstone Gallery

The Touchstone Gallery in downtown DC has two new exhibits for art lovers to immerse themselves in. The exhibits: “beg borrow + steal: works on cardboard by Dana Brotman” and “COLORFEST” will be on display until October 29. “COLORFEST” fills most of the gallery and displays curated micro-shows by 50 Touchstone Gallery artist members. It...
Kayla Hewitt

Goodbye Christopher Robin Grapples With War and Public Persona

Goodbye Christopher Robin tells the story of A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson), the former playwright and creator of Winnie the Pooh. Going into the movie, one may think that this subject matter may lead to an entirely light-hearted and carefree cinematic experience. After all, what could be more wholesome than Winnie the Pooh? This expectation is...
Juliana Vaccaro De Souza

Happy Death Day Kills It As A Comedy

Calling Happy Death Day a horror movie is a bit of a stretch. It has its fair share of jump scares, screams, and murder, but when the entire audience erupts in laughter at least five times in the first thirty minutes, it’s clear that this was misbranding.   The film centers around Tree Gelbman (Jessica...


Editorial Board

Mind What You Wear

When the MoMa began to display Colin Kaepernick’s jersey in its halls as a part of an exhibit entitled “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” the display, and the exhibit itself, showed that the museum understood something very important about the things we do and don’t choose to wear. Jay-Z understood this too, when he wore Kaepernick’s...
Sienna Brancato

Carrying On: Angry Liberal Feminist Killjoy

I wear my opinions on my sleeve, literally. Fashion can be a useful way of expressing one’s personality, but my clothes spell things out. I am a frequent wearer of T-shirts with clever sayings on them, some innocuous and some overtly political. “Angry liberal feminist killjoy.” “Cats against catcalls.” “Keep Earth clean, it’s not Uranus.”...
Emma Francois

A Note from the Fashion Issue Editors

The world is a crazy place. It is wild, chaotic, and theatrical, and the political climate we are living in is even more so. Sometimes, amidst all this disorder, it is easy to feel lost and invisible, to float with the chaos. And so, for our fashion issue this year, we chose to make it...
Cassidy Jensen

‘Easy to Spot’

This collection of quotes reflects a few perspectives on fashion at Georgetown. These quotes were selected from email interviews conducted by Brynn Furey (SFS ’20), Joy Kim (COL ’21), and Runzhong Xu (COL ’21).   “I try to have fun with my fashion all the time. It was a central part of coming into my queer identity—I would...


Nick Gavio

The Sports Sermon: NBA Season Preview

In this episode of the Sports Sermon, Nick Gavio is joined by Jon Block, Cam Smith, and Umar Asif to discuss the NBA offseason and upcoming 2017-18 season, making predictions on final standings and award winners. For more NBA season preview coverage from Halftime, click here. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android...
Rachel Lock

South Park Heading South?

Since 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s animated series South Park has been a staple of animated adult cartoons, with the 21st season having aired this September. The advertising campaign leading up to the new release promised a return to form after an experimental 19th and 20th seasons that, unlike the typical format of the...
Danielle Hewitt

The 250: Lawrence of Arabia

In this episode of The 250, Danielle and Kayla Hewitt discuss IMDb’s 48th-ranked movie, the epic Lawrence of Arabia. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS
Cam Smith

What’s in store for the Utah Jazz?

On July 4th, a flurry of confusing reports culminated in Utah Jazz star Gordon Hayward announcing his decision to join the Boston Celtics. The move deeply undercut Utah, as they lost a player posting 21.9 points per game with a 27.6% usage rate. Many teams find themselves in similar positions, and like those teams, the...


Danielle Hewitt

The 250: Lawrence of Arabia

In this episode of The 250, Danielle and Kayla Hewitt discuss IMDb’s 48th-ranked movie, the epic Lawrence of Arabia.
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