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Inside the mind of the art world’s most enigmatic rat

When I meet him for the first time, he is standing in the corner of Henle courtyard, chewing on chocolate left on a discarded candy wrapper.


The Voice‘s guide to D.C. museums

The Holocaust Museum Address: 100 Raoul Wallenberg Pl. SW How to get there: Take the 33 bus south to Federal Triangle and get off at Pennsylvania & 14th. Walk down... Read more

News Commentary

Sometimes stupid cool shit is all that matters

Content Warning: This article references self-harm and eating disorders.  In the Colorado mountain town where I lived, tattoos were just part of the culture. Whenever things lagged at work, a... Read more


‘Of dizzying beauty’: The many faces of Georgetown’s Black art community

As part of Georgetown's diverse, vibrant Black art community, six Black creatives discuss what they dream of—and how to get there.


Touchstone Gallery’s virtual exhibits prove physical art cannot be replaced

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the doors to Touchstone Gallery remain closed to the public. Despite attempts to recreate the beloved experience online, Touchstone’s virtual exhibits fail to inspire... Read more

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The Wine and Cheese Club: “All Night Long” and “Stadia II”

“Mixed-media art pairings that go together like fine wine and good cheese.” Near Christmas-time, on a cloudy day full of holiday traffic, I was taking the Metro down to the... Read more

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Why should you get a Tik Tok? Because I “say so”

Do you know how to do a Tik Tok Dance? Until the shift to virtual classes, I didn’t, either. But after making a Spotify playlist for songs in Tik Tok... Read more

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Beauty and Hope in the Waste Land

Waste Land, a 2010 art documentary, played at the Maria & Alberto de la Cruz Art Gallery during a screening on Dec. 4. Directed by Lucy Walker, the documentary follows... Read more

In the District

National Gallery of Art’s New Exhibit Demonstrates the Versatility of Pastels Throughout Time

The Touch of Color exhibit at the National Gallery of Art opens with a simple image of pastel sticks, in a range of colors and shades, tightly packed together. Aside... Read more


The Phillips Collection’s Newest Exhibit Poignantly Portrays the Stories of Migrants

In 1945 Richard Wright wrote a poem influenced by his experience of being a part of the Great Migration, the movement of around 6 million African Americans from the rural... Read more


Identity, Violence, and Change Clash at the MEI Modern Art Gallery

In the Middle East Institute’s debut art gallery, conflict, both internal and external, rages around the room, enveloping every piece. The works in this collection perfectly display the complexities of... Read more


Imagine Color: A declaration of independent art

In an age of commercialization, it is easy to see why people find comfort in the untarnished nature of indie artists. There is an underlying intimacy in their exhibitions––a camaraderie... Read more


Evenings at the Edge Offers an Exciting New Spin to the National Gallery’s Art

On Jan. 12th from 6-9 pm, the National Gallery of Art buzzed with an energy imperceptible during its regular hours. Glowing tables, thumping music, and dim lighting all added to... Read more

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“The Quality of Light” by Pete McCutchen, Touchstone Gallery

After only a few minutes of conversation with photographer Pete McCutchen at the opening of his newest show, “The Quality of Light,” it is wildly apparent that he is no... Read more

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In Defense of Visual Art

Who’s your favorite musician? Actress? What’s your favorite movie? Book? Almost everyone has a response to these questions. Kanye West. Keira Knightley. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Rarely do the answers... Read more

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Minimalism in the Modern World

The last few decades have witnessed the development of a profoundly influential philosophical movement that is tantamount to perceptions of the modern world, but was conceived over a hundred years... Read more

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Love on the Hilltop: Love at First Lick

Mollie’s piece is one in a series of articles titled “Love on the Hilltop,” that will run until Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a bond with a person, place, or keepsake, these articles highlight the... Read more

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Yield to Pedestrians: The Commercialization of Street Art

Whether you wander around a modern art museum with your eyes glazed over or find yourself contemplating the title of Marcel Duchamp’s porcelain urinal, most of us have been confronted... Read more

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Benoy Behl and the Art of Buddhism

From the moment I entered the Benoy Behl art exhibit, I was mesmerized by the colorful contrast of eye-catching art pieces that lined the stark white exhibit walls. The photographs... Read more

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The Beauty Of Purity

“A wilderness, in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life... Read more