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It may be “cuffing season,” but you might be better off unattached

Something about winter creeping up is enough to make anyone want to trade the “Hot Girl Summer” mindset for a “Settle Down Winter” one. Or better yet, a “Time to Lower my Standards” mindset, as I like to call it. The need to be in a relationship can be so completely consuming that people will be quick to view themselves as the problem and lower their standards, when it’s more about luck and timing. Furthermore, this downgrade of standards may not be setting them up for a successful and healthy relationship.


Soyica Colbert to be new interim dean of the College

Professor Soyica Colbert, (COL’01) will begin her position as interim dean of Georgetown College on Jan. 1, 2021. 


As Dean Celenza leaves Georgetown, he reflects on his tenure

As Dean Celenza leaves Georgetown, he reflects on his time at the university and what the College can do moving forward.


Students push for environmental studies major

Despite Georgetown’s offerings of majors in biology, chemistry, and other sciences, the College only offers a minor in environmental studies.  Students aiming to pursue the subject are currently limited to... Read more

On The Pandemic

On The Pandemic: What fall 2020 means for LGBTQ+ students

College campuses create an environment where LGBTQ+ students can live openly, build a community, and finally accept themselves. If Georgetown forces students to continue taking virtual classes this fall, Georgetown strips queer students of the experience they signed up for. This would stifle the thriving LGBTQ+ community, of all races and classes, that I have been able to learn, live, and grow with. LGBTQ+ students need the support a college campus provides.


Two Cents: Episode 2 – In Over My Head

In this episode, Sky and Eli give advice on nosy significant others, loud upstairs neighbors, and aggressive cockroach enthusiasts. To submit your own request for advice, fill out this form.


Lessons From Aristotle: The Accidents Of Long Distance

Keeping your high school relationship when you go to college is like shuffling a deck of cards. I’ve heard that because there are 52 unique elements to a deck, each... Read more


A Georgetown Welcome

“It’s like they decided to build a city out of children, and then watch what happens. It’s just so weird!” That’s how a freshman friend of mine described the strange... Read more


Taking Control by Opening Up

When I was a kid, I used to rewatch Monsters, Inc. all the time, enough that I wore out the family VHS tape. Do you remember that scene when one... Read more


Afternoon Tea: Identity

In this week’s episode, Kayla and Max sit down with their friend Mariah to discuss the formation of identity at college.   Jingle:

Halftime Leisure

The False Notion of Productivity

It’s 3:30 pm on a Sunday. I’ve done less than half of the work I planned to do; I’m sitting in my Henle living room, reading a good book, looking... Read more

Halftime Leisure

College Disorientation: All the tools, none of the vision

We’re told that college is where it’s at.  So that’s what you’d expect when you lug your entire life into Terminal E and ship it, along with yourself, to university.... Read more