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SFS explains plans to implement its commitment to global anti-racism

After spending the summer releasing statements about its dedication to principles of anti-racism and inclusion, Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service (SFS) is beginning to take steps towards concrete change. Professor... Read more


GUSA Senate releases demographic data

Black students, women, and trans and non-binary individuals are underrepresented in Georgetown’s student Senate, according to an internal demographic survey conducted by GUSA.  The survey, which GUSA senators filled out... Read more


Call to action for commitment to global anti-racism leads to reflection in SFS

Content warning: This article discusses instances of oppression of Black individuals.  Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service is committed to the inclusion of global anti-racism as a core principle, according to... Read more


Support the New and Improved Women’s March

Last January, our editorial board wrote that there were several fundamental problems with the Women’s March. Even though we stood by the movement’s founding principles, we advocated sitting out the... Read more


Global Beats: Flash of the Spirit Worldwide Sound Festival Comes to Georgetown

Throughout October, Multiflora Productions is presenting the second annual Flash of the Spirit Worldwide Sound Festival, a celebration of immigrant communities through music. Groups native to countries such as Ethiopia,... Read more


Third annual Hoya Hacks pursues greater diversity in participants

Over 250 college-aged hackers descended on the Healey Family Student Center on Jan. 26th to participate in Georgetown’s third annual Hoya Hacks event. The event included a wide selection of... Read more


Fantoms, Aliens, and Mutants: Promoting Social Consciousness in the Trump Era

From its modest perch above a Subway sandwich shop in Dupont Circle, Fantom Comics supplies D.C. with the newest and latest in the comic book world. But amid tales of heroic feats and epic galactic battles, this indie comic store aims to bring into the mainstream stories of even greater importance. Namely, that of marginalized minorities.Through its queer, women’s, and Black Panther book clubs, the store provides a forum for dialogue amongst members of marginalized communities. “I feel like Fant


Change is Required for Club Diversity

The Voice has a diversity problem. We are not alone in this—as the recent op-ed in The Hoya about the lack of diversity in GUASFCU made clear. Yet when we... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Getting Comfortable with the Discomfort of Diversity

Tabling for three hours for the undergraduate Japanese club at the student activities fair a few weekends ago made me realize why diversity education is so important to the studies... Read more


The Final Push: An ongoing struggle for an academic diversity requirement

On Feb. 7, 2000, 300 students stood crowded together in Red Square. They gathered together in the cold, listening to the voices of their fellow students echoing through the square.... Read more


Carrying on: Politics at the Oscars

The subject of politics frequently finds its way into the Academy Awards, and the 2015 Oscars were no exception. Not even including red carpet movements such as #AskHerMore, this year’s... Read more


Pursuing a diversity requirement in the wake of ignorance

The Feb. 19 edition of this paper featured a racially insensitive cartoon called “Beating the Dead Horse,” depicting GUSA candidate Chris Wadibia, the only black man in the race, as a... Read more