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GU students protest Maduro

Georgetown students protested along with D.C. residents Wednesday in front of the Organization of the American States building on 17th Street, N.W. in opposition to government violence against protesters in... Read more


Bike repair stand coming to GU, bikeshare delayed

Thanks to a donation from the Bike House D.C., a Dero Fixit bike repair facility will be installed next to the Red Square bike racks by the beginning of March.... Read more


Critical Voices: Gardens & Villa, Dunes

With their second album, Dunes, Gardens & Villa, an indie, synthpop group from Santa Barbara, California, produced an all-too-familiar sound.   Their record is composed of monotonous synthesizer samples, light... Read more


News Hit: Recruiting numbers down

Georgetown has seen a dip in the number of employers recruiting on campus since the 2012-2013 academic year. According to a report provided by the Cawley Career Education Center, 42... Read more


Georgetown celebrates Jesuit heritage

Georgetown’s 14th annual Jesuit Heritage Week began on Sunday and extended to Georgetown’s campus in Doha, Qatar for the first time. “We are delighted that our friends in Doha are... Read more


Cairo study abroad program indefinitely closed

Due to safety and security concerns, all Georgetown study abroad programs held at the American University in Cairo will be suspended indefinitely, according to the University’s updated international travel policy,... Read more


Moran’s position at SFS unaffected despite NIC dismissal

Despite being forced to resign from his position as an international business associate to the United States National Intelligence Council in September 2013 due to accusations of conflict of interest,... Read more


Carrying On: “Victim” label not an identity

We’ve heard nearly every side of the debate about how to properly treat sexual assault perpetrators and victims, but one. Victim-blaming, slut-shaming, we’ve heard it all. But we shouldn’t press... Read more


Epicurean owner responds to solidarity committee petition

In a Nov. 18 letter addressed to the “Students of Georgetown,” Chang Wook Chon, owner of Epicurean restaurant, responded to the Nov.11 petition presented to him by Georgetown Solidarity Committee,... Read more


Critical Voices: Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones, Foreverly

It’s not every day you have Green Day’s frontman and Ravi Shankar’s daughter getting together to a record an album, but that’s exactly what happened with Foreverly. The LP is... Read more


City on a Hill: No vouching for this program

The government shutdown brought national attention to the budget battles between D.C. and the Capitol, but it’s not just appropriations fights where Congress hamstrings the District. There are more subtle,... Read more


Critical Voices: The Ripples, The First Few

On Saturday Nov. 23, The Ripples, a Georgetown student band, will drop a pebble in the vast lake of the music world, hoping to create waves that disrupt our collective conscience.


Not crazy, just a little unwell: Mental health at Georgetown

On the outside, a visit to Georgetown's Counseling and Psychiatric Services may appear trivial or commonplace, no different from the typical routine for a doctor’s appointment—but the decision to seek out CAPS at all can be monumental. To students affected, recognizing and addressing a mental health problem carries far greater weight than does of a physical disorder, since the stigma surrounding mental health is so deeply entrenched in our society and on our high-powered, high-achieving campus.


Saxa Politica: GUSA’s Nanny State

Want better housing next year? Just make sure you’ve paid your library fines, and double-check that you’re not a bigot. GUSA hopes to combat the destructive forces of discrimination through... Read more


Critical Voices: Eminem, The Marshal Mathers LP 2

Guess who’s back. Back again. Shady’s back, and there has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of his latest album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The first Marshall Mathers LP was one of Eminem’s most important and definitive releases, inflating apprehension and excitement in its shadow. Fortunately, the legend is back and even better than before. MMLP2 is cold hard proof—hell, Kendrick is even on the album.


Continuity through Change: Experience and depth guide Hoyas into the new Big East

It’s inexplicable, really. There’s nothing anybody can point to when trying to explain the suffering of the cornerstone of Hilltop athletics. For each of the past six years, the Hoyas’ seasons have been a torturous series of up and downs, each ending in postseason disappointment. So, this season begins with the same question: Will the Hoyas snap out of it?


Backcourt to the future

This isn’t going to be your average Hoya season. Georgetown basketball usually features imposing big men, and more recently, a lanky swingman. But this year, it’s all about Georgetown’s guards, senior Markel Starks and sophomore D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera. The Hoyas have produced dominant backcourts in the past, but this year’s edition is especially exceptional.