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To promote an ordinary life, Pippin promises an extraordinary show

On a campus where ambitious students obsess over finding the highest-paying job, Pippin encourages an alternative: a life that focuses on the little things.


With Betrayal, Nomadic Theater produced a strikingly intimate show

Nomadic’s stripped-back production of Betrayal still managed to draw the audience into an intimate web of complicated relationships.


Nomadic Theatre’s Last Summer at Bluefish Cove is a touching tribute to lesbian community

Despite its sunshiney exterior, there’s much more bubbling beneath the surface in Bluefish Cove.


Get out your wallet, it’s time for Nomadic Theatre’s RENT!

The diverse cast invites even the most off-the-beaten-path audience member to sit down at the RENT table and feel at home. 


Cabaret blurs the line between reality and performance

nomadictheatre and the Theater and Performance Studies (TPST) program have made their co-produced return to the stage with a Broadway classic, spectacular ambience, and a whole lot of glitter. Audiences... Read more



Performance is coming back to Georgetown.  After a year of green screen set displays and actors talking through the borders of Zoom boxes, theatre is returning to, well, not always... Read more


Running with The Wolves: Nomadic Theatre Production Explores Teenhood and Teamwork

“Quick hands! Quick hands!” The team captain, played by Bella Carlucci (COL ’23), yells to the goalie as the pair toss a soccer ball across the stage. Running past, the... Read more


The Language Archive Grapples With the Hardest Words to Say

The voices of all the students involved in the making of The Language Archive, from the actors and costume designers to the producers and light directors, weave together and emanate... Read more


Nomadic Theatre Balances Comedy and Domestic Violence in Exit, Pursued By a Bear

A figure struggles against the duct tape that binds him to a sofa-chair. A stripper and a man dressed as a cheerleader console a conflicted woman. The floor is littered... Read more


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Pushes a Deeper Question

The name Judas is universally recognizable. Though it has obviously gained recognition through centuries of retelling the story of Jesus of Nazareth, it has become synonymous with one word: traitor.... Read more


A Wonderful Reimagining: The Phantom Tollbooth Captures the Magic of a Childhood Classic

When people think of the books they loved as a child, they often imagine far away, make-believe lands with a wide array of magical characters and subtle, yet often profound,... Read more