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Scarlet doesn’t need your praise, but you’ll be giving it anyway

On Scarlet, an unapologetic Doja Cat showcases her vocal ability, lyricism, and sexuality with a brash confidence that oozes out of every track.


‘Of dizzying beauty’: The many faces of Georgetown’s Black art community

As part of Georgetown's diverse, vibrant Black art community, six Black creatives discuss what they dream of—and how to get there.

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“Old Town Road” Signals a Shift in the Music Industry

The music industry has a new reason to worry, and it’s all because of a certain country-rap meme song. Lil Nas X, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who was virtually unknown a... Read more


Critical Voices: Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B opens her premier album with an emotional three minutes of solo bars backed by a simple piano line and soft air horns. After the fun and free-flowing “Finesse”... Read more

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The Best of Rap in the Year So Far

2017 has been a strange year for rap. With blockbuster projects from some of the biggest names in the game (and lesser-known artists) dropping seemingly weekly, it can be difficult... Read more


CV: Wyclef Jean, J’ouvert

After an almost four year hiatus, Wyclef Jean has returned with the release of his new EP, J’ouvert. The former Fugees frontman demonstrates that despite years of musical absence, he... Read more


Critical Voices: P.O.S, Chill, dummy

P.O.S, born Stefon Alexander, wears his punk influence on his sleeve, opening his newest album Chill, dummy with a weighty electric guitar bassline and growling vocals, as he lays claim to his bold and... Read more

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Untitled Leisure Podcast: The Summer of Conscious Rap

In the latest episode of the soon-to-be-titled Leisure podcast, host Daniel Varghese talks with Assistant Sports Editor Tyler Pearre about the welcome onslaught of new rap tackling the big political... Read more

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Summer is Coming: Rejoice, Rap Fans

The lead-up to summer has been filled with speculation and anticipation.  From the rumored collaborative album between Jay Z and Beyonce, to the long-awaited GOOD Music sequel album, rap fans... Read more

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Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker the Berry” is fire

It may have been a snow day at Georgetown this Tuesday, but all Kendrick Lamar can think about is fire. On the wake of his successful night at the 2015... Read more

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John Lennon to Left Shark: A History of Pop Music

Millions of people across the country watch the Super Bowl halftime show every year, and Katy Perry’s recent one was no exception. However, once you got past the robot lion,... Read more

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Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint  Movie Sizzles

You may know Nicki Minaj for her edgy verses and “own it” attitude, but the iconic rapper may just be blossoming from talented musician into a full-fledged movie star. On... Read more