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Saxa Politica: Hot Chick/Chicken Madness 2016?

Saxa Politica: Hot Chick/Chicken Madness 2016?


This year’s election for GUSA President and Vice President has been a melodramatic mess. On Tuesday morning, Feb. 9 Tony Pezzullo (MSB ’17) and A.J. Serlemitsos (COL ’17) announced that they were ending their campaign for GUSA President and Vice President against Enushe Khan (MSB ‘17) and Chris Fisk (COL ‘17). In an op-ed in…

Saxa Politica: Back to Basics about Food

Saxa Politica: Back to Basics about Food


Georgetown Dining’s contract is due for renewal in just over a year, and a holistic conversation about making deep changes to the institutions of on-campus dining is long overdue. I’ve read about the angst many students probably hold about why we only have one dining hall on campus, or why students still can’t use meal…

Saxa Politica: Electoral Apathy and GUSA’s Club-like Culture

Saxa Politica: Electoral Apathy and GUSA’s Club-like Culture


Each year, every freshman undergoes an uniquely overwhelming baptism of fire: the nail-biting Marino Writer’s workshop during NSO, the awkward business-casual interview with the president and secretary of some self-important club, and now, the September elections for GUSA’s Senate. This year, 22 students are vying for the seats that represent the four freshmen dorms. Candidates…

Saxa Poitica: Classism dialogue outside the classroom


I’ll be dedicating my last Saxa Politica column (at least for the foreseeable future) to an issue I’ve seen grow in salience over the three years I’ve spent in college. As someone majoring in the liberal arts, I’ve taken quite a few seminar classes that, many times, dedicate long periods of class time to discussing…

Saxa Politica: Hoyas need to set aside moral superiority


No doubt everyone is relieved this year’s Georgetown University Student Association elections are over. Out of the four GUSA executive elections I have witnessed, these were probably the most dramatic and controversial. As a soon-to-be-alumna, I enjoyed the drama with a figurative bag of popcorn (it helped that there was a “joke” campaign to bring…

Saxa Politica: Campaign videos campaign for votes


Have you heard the shrill bleating of a freshman campaigner exhorting his roommate to “join us in building a new Georgetown”? Yes, GUSA campaign season has begun. For the next week, campus will be assaulted by feel-good slogans and beset on all sides by the grandiose promises of GUSA hopefuls that have little chance of…

Saxa Politica: It’s time to let students get on board


GUSA did something great last week. No, seriously! The student body’s esteemed representatives released a proposal on Jan. 11. In it, they call on D.C. college and university students to unite to eliminate the city residency requirement that is currently a prerequisite for serving on D.C. Boards and Commissions. As of now, students who aren’t…

Saxa Politica: Got a problem? Here’s a town hall


On an almost weekly basis, the student body receives an email from Jay Gruber, Todd Olson, or Robin Morey, inviting them to take part in an upcoming event designed to “maximize engagement” with whatever issue is pertinent that week. Just about every student will casually scan the email with no real intention to act on…

Saxa Politica: Admission based on assets?


It’s college admissions season, and Georgetown’s Nov. 1 deadline for early action admissions is just a few days away. Every year—it seems as if on a fixed schedule—the New York Times cranks out a story about a motivated young person who, despite growing up with all the odds stacked well against him, manages to bootstrap…

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