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‘Georgetown admissions, I think you’re pretentious’: Rural students reflect on application process

Georgetown’s slow, confusing application platform has become a joke for admitted students—something to gripe about and bond over once they get to campus. But to Keatyn Wede (CAS ’27), it... Read more


Georgetown’s Muslim Life creates home on campus, 25 years in the making

When Janeeta Shaukat (SOH ’24) came to Georgetown, she began to wonder if God existed. Although she was born in a Muslim family, she had yet to deeply explore her... Read more


The artistic side of Georgetown’s Asian American community flourishes with Autumn Leaves

It is 9 p.m. on a Wednesday in the middle of March and creative director Lucy Zhang (COL ’26) is untangling the significance of a project that demanded much of... Read more


“A Boys’ Club”: Female leaders navigate Georgetown’s predominately male-led student organizations

When Megan Skinner (SFS ’24) first learned about GUSA in 2020, women filled a majority of the Senate seats.  This year, Skinner is one of only eight women in the... Read more


Let’s hibernate our way out of stress culture

As finals rise to our horizons, days get shorter, and the weather gets colder, there’s something magical and all too appealing about crawling into a cozy cave and sleeping until spring. As it turns out, it’s a part of our body's natural rhythm to slow down during winter months. Yet, stress culture and the structure of our school system causes these months to be the busiest times for us, with our newfound exhaustion making it even harder to achieve our goals. We need to implement structural and societal changes to live more attuned to our natural rhythm.


HFSC reopening heralds return of student life

Georgetown’s reopening of the HFSC Great Room serves as a step towards restoring a lively student presence in the space. 


Humans of Georgetown is back to tell its stories

Previously a dormant Facebook page with minimal activity, Humans of Georgetown is back, and as far as the team is concerned, it is here to stay.


Students remain on an empty, foreign campus

Georgetown students returned to campus after spring break to people moving out en masse after university communications indicated the semester would conclude remotely. After a rushed, often tearful, goodbye, they... Read more