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The search for Georgetown’s vibrant writing community

Not only do these classes force us to write outside of a purely academic mindset (because sometimes the econ quiz, IR paper, and Lau 2 fumes just aren’t conducive to storytelling), but they also carve out time for us to focus on honing our craft and narrative voice. Disparate students joined together through writing have grown into a veritable literary community at Georgetown. 


Post Pitch: Celebrating Georgetown’s Creative Writers

Welcome back to Post Pitch!  This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our writer, Barrett Ann, about her piece in this week’s special edition issue of The Voice. Tune in... Read more


Post Pitch: An Ode to Short Stories

Welcome back to Post Pitch!  This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our Voices writer, Eileen Miller, about her piece in this week’s issue of The Voice. Tune in to... Read more


A not-so-short defense of the short story

But putting economics aside, there is a wonderful beauty to the short story. With no hard rules on length, short stories can span from a few sentences to tens of pages. Free from the space requirements of a novel, the core element of a short story is brevity. It must avoid convoluted plots and unnecessary descriptions, focusing only on the essentials to bring a story across. Every word must count.


Post Pitch: The Ethics of Georgetown’s Investments

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, join Podcast Editor Romy Abu-Fadel in her interview with Editorial Board representative Lukas Soloman. They discuss this week’s editorial board piece which dives... Read more


ChatGPT is not the end of written integrity

ChatGPT has upended what it means to write, but it may not be the game-changer for writing that the world initially envisioned.


On falling in love with a dead author

I did not expect to fall in love with a dead author amid a global pandemic and a social revolution. Yet here we are. And how beautiful it is to be here.


On Being A Childhood Reader

When students leave for college, they often bring something to remind them of home like a favorite childhood toy, a photo album, or a souvenir from a family vacation. For... Read more


Ten Pounds of Paper and Ink

One journal is striped, slightly water-stained, and held together with a hair tie. Another is sturdy and black with “Carpe Fucking Diem” printed on the front. One is covered in... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Art of the Sentence

How much weight can a single sentence have? Is there a formula or method for writing powerful sentences? Sentence (n.): A set of words that is complete in itself…conveying a... Read more