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Marvelous Memories: Remembering Stan Lee

Comic book writer and Marvel legend Stan Lee passed away last week on Nov. 12. Known for his characters and cameos, Lee was the co-creator of some of the most... Read more


Boy Erased is a quiet revelation

Gay conversion therapy has become a forgotten topic in America, but it continues to be bafflingly relevant in contemporary society. Boy Erased is a step towards addressing and tackling the... Read more

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The Weekly List: Queen’s Greatest Hits

In honor of the recent release of the biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody, some Halftime staffers have decided to take a look back at Queen’s iconic discography.  Nicole: “Another One Bites... Read more

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Trailer Take: Isn’t it Romantic, The Aftermath, and Green Book

Isn’t it Romantic — Margaret: This trailer was sent to my apartment’s group chat almost the second it dropped, and my first reaction was “Isn’t this just I Feel... Read more


Reel Affirmations celebrates its 25th anniversary as a powerful visual platform for the District’s LGBTQ+ community

In a world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, it has become all too easy to be dismissive of film festivals. Is there still room for cinema? For Reel Affirmations, DC’s... Read more


Big Mouth shows us the Dark Side of Growing Up

Oh, puberty. Pubic hair. Periods. Masturbation. Boobs. Sexuality crises. Tell me again how middle school kids are meant to deal with one, if not all, of these issues given America’s... Read more


Critical Voices: Twenty One Pilots, Trench

It was never really “cool” to like Twenty One Pilots. Consisting of singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, Twenty One Pilots has always been associated with wannabe edgy, cringe-worthy... Read more


Concert Preview: Brockhampton, Oct. 16, The Anthem

The members of Brockhampton refer to themselves as the “hardest working boyband in show business”, as described in their Twitter bio, for a good reason. After releasing their first—and heavily... Read more


Childish Gambino Welcomes Us to Church

Donald Glover, otherwise known by his stage name Childish Gambino, has made his mark on the hip-hop scene as one of the industry’s bravest artists. The Internet has been taken over... Read more

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How A24 Breaks All the Rules of Hollywood

Nobody used to watch a film at the cinema and wonder how it got there. Apart from Miramax and Fox Spotlight, film distribution and production was always a bit of... Read more