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Trailer Takes: The Sun is Also A Star, Shaft, and Shazam!

The Sun is Also A Star: Jake: What I’ve always appreciated about every rom-com made after the release of Notting Hill (1999) on May 13, 1999 is how definitively... Read more


Don’t Deny D.C. Statehood

The 35-day government shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, threw D.C. residents into the national spotlight, but also brought an unintended consequence for statehood advocates. Washington City Paper argued that... Read more


Lost in Translation: New Language Access Law Makes Strides but Comes Up Short

Andrea Tacconi remembers a day when a young girl could not get medical treatment at school because her family only spoke Spanish. In her written testimony to the D.C. Council... Read more


Community action must accompany Amazon’s move to the District

Amazon’s “HQ2” is coming to the D.C. metropolitan area this year. In an editorial last March, we noted our concerns about the possible negative effects of Amazon coming to D.C.... Read more


Branching Out: D.C.’s Troubled Democracy

“Democracy Dies in Darkness.” A phrase familiar to most of us, this solemn threat hangs over the Washington Post website like the Watergate. It is a noble slogan. Pleasantly alliterative,... Read more


Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Georgetown Students Run for Advisory Neighborhood Commission

Every other year on Election Day, two Hoyas land jobs their classmates probably did not even know they could get. They win spots on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2E,... Read more


As HIV rates fall, inequalities persist

Residents of Joseph’s House, a home for homeless individuals with HIV and others with serious illnesses, gathered downstairs for a birthday celebration. Between bites of carrot cake and dancing to... Read more


Change in the district: The price of going cashless

“No Cashew Money,” reads a sign in the window of the fast-casual salad chain Sweetgreen. At Sweetgreen’s 12 D.C. locations, as well as many of their national storefronts, cash is... Read more


The Voice‘s Favorite DC Coffee Shops

There may be a Starbucks on every corner in this nation’s capital, but look a little further and you’ll find some true gems of cafés and coffee shops. While some... Read more


Fantoms, Aliens, and Mutants: Promoting Social Consciousness in the Trump Era

From its modest perch above a Subway sandwich shop in Dupont Circle, Fantom Comics supplies D.C. with the newest and latest in the comic book world. But amid tales of heroic feats and epic galactic battles, this indie comic store aims to bring into the mainstream stories of even greater importance. Namely, that of marginalized minorities.Through its queer, women’s, and Black Panther book clubs, the store provides a forum for dialogue amongst members of marginalized communities. “I feel like Fant


Preview: All Things Go Fall Classic 10/8

The third annual All Things Go Fall Classic music festival will hit Yards Park at The Capitol Riverfront on Saturday, October 8. Passion Pit and electronic duo Empire of the... Read more

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The Halftime Brunch Bracket: Round Two

Halftime Brunch Bracket Round 2 The eggs have been scrambled, the forks put to use, and the results of our first brunch bracket round are in. In our second round... Read more

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Twenty One Pilots Round 2

It seems I’ve started a tradition at Georgetown where my first article of the year, and my first concert of the year is Twenty One Pilots. Fresh off their sophomore... Read more

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Halftime Brunch Bracket: Farmers Fishers Bakers

Farmers Fishers Bakers: White Girl Paradise Reputation precedes Farmers Fishers Bakers, located along the Georgetown Waterfront, among the brunch cachet. It attracts the instagramming, parents-paying-for, cappuccino-crazy set which is all... Read more

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“I cannot live without books”: The 2015 National Book Festival

At first glance, the 15th annual National Book Festival looks like any other convention. It’s filled with confused attendees, stealing quick glances between their Walter E. Washington Convention Center maps... Read more

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In Defense of Visual Art

Who’s your favorite musician? Actress? What’s your favorite movie? Book? Almost everyone has a response to these questions. Kanye West. Keira Knightley. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Rarely do the answers... Read more

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Season 3 of House of Cards Rises to the Top

Everyone’s favorite murdering, conniving, scheming, lying, and manipulating politician is back! Netflix’s hit series House of Cards released its third season on Friday, February 27th. After two seasons of political... Read more

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Take Your Vinyasa: Pop-Up Yoga at the Botanical Gardens

If you are looking for the perfect way to say goodbye to winter and welcome in springtime, it’s difficult to imagine a better way to do so than free yoga... Read more

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HONM: skating in uniform

“The red and yellow ribbon is a first award service ribbon. It means we joined the Navy in a time of war.” Rodney Hahn, Jennifer Hedgecoth, and John Campbell are... Read more

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HONM: Weekend Reflections from a Rabbi

“When I am needed, I am needed. I pray that we learn to become more selfless in a place of selfies.” Rene, her husband Shane, and their three children came... Read more