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MLK Jr. Library exhibit explores D.C.’s Black feminist history

The MLK Library’s exhibit weaves an intricate, illuminating tapestry of D.C.’s Black feminist history, and it leaves a profound impression.


Dear YA authors, I want my femininity back

The truth is, the traits these characters lacked, the ones treated as impediments to success, were exactly the ones associated with traditional femininity: emotionality, vulnerability, and empathy.


The anti-women meaning of “women’s lit”

by framing everything they have to say as “women’s,” the label of “women’s fiction” effectively bars female writers from participation in broader, ungendered discussion through their work.

On The Pandemic

On the Pandemic: Instagram Activism Ignores Gendered Impacts of COVID-19

"The disparity between the facile attempts at female empowerment on Instagram and the ways women’s rights are under threat demonstrates how misdirected good intentions can actually be more harmful than empowering."


The Political Punk: A Riot of their Own

The year 2020 marks the 100th year anniversary of women’s suffrage in America. It is worth quickly reflecting on the change since the landmark amendment had passed (partially thanks to... Read more


A Woman’s Place in The Kitchen

Note: Spoilers for The Kitchen ahead.  I arrived at my local AMC one August afternoon feeling skeptical. I was about to watch Melissa McCarthy in a serious role, and I... Read more


Where Are All the Ladies in Gaming?

When game designer Luke Crane asked a deceptively simple question on Twitter: “Why are there so few lady game creators,” he might not have expected an overflow of responses from... Read more

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The Weekly List: Dollizzo Rae Musglynne

There are many different genres of music. There’s pop, country, hip-hop, R&B, classical, folk, sad boy, sad girl, sad person of any gender. There’s long songs and short songs, fast... Read more


We Were Never Silent: Calling for a More Inclusive Feminism

Coming to Washington, D.C., for college, I looked forward to my first Women’s March. In the weeks leading up to the event, I ordered red bandanas from Amazon to resemble... Read more


Slashers and Sex

If there are three things I love, they’re the smell of coffee, a hot bath after a long day, and watching attractive people be brutally murdered in sequential order. Before... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: The revolution will not make you five pounds thinner

Halfway through my freshman year, I looked in the mirror, considered what I had eaten that day, and decided that something had to be done. I came to what I... Read more

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Women of Westeros: the Epitome of Unnecessary Sexualization, or Television’s Feminist Icons?

Disclaimer: This post is dark and full of spoilers. You’re not a true Game of Thrones fan unless you’ve spent a sizable amount of time between seasons scavenging the internet... Read more


Changing the SySTEM

As a woman in science, I consider myself extraordinarily blessed by my upbringing. Throughout my childhood and early education, I never perceived any indication that women were less capable of... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Feminism in the Age of Trump

Women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds wearing pink hats with pointed, ear-like appendages on either side carried signs emblazoned with clever slogans: “There is no Planet B,”... Read more

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Scandal Enjoys A Solid Start

If you can’t be royalty, drop everything and become Olivia Pope. My addiction for the show Scandal goes all the way back to the first season when Olivia Pope, the... Read more

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Breaking Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling

The Bechdel Test was concocted by the eponymous Alison Bechdel as a method for determining how well a film represents female characters. Bechdel was a cartoonist who originally came up... Read more