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David Shick and the forgotten legacy of Georgetown Day

Georgetown Day is characterized by daytime parties to celebrate the end of classes—but underneath the revelry, the day has a tragic past most Hoyas don’t know about.


The Weekly List: A dad-approved Georgetown Day playlist for spending Georgetown Day with your dad

It’s not the same as being able to head up to the Village A rooftops, but Georgetown Day at home doesn’t need to be the worst day ever. Hopefully there’s... Read more


Administrators seek to clarify university’s new Georgetown Day policies during GUSA town hall

Administrators addressed student concerns about on-campus police presence, Office of Student Conduct sanctions, and the new party registration system for Georgetown Day during an April 15 town hall. The event... Read more

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Halftime’s Favorite Halftimes: Weekly List

It is the Georgetown Voice’s 50th anniversary week. To celebrate, the Halftime Leisure team got together to review our favorite Halftime posts. For our Tuesday Weekly List, we bring you... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: Georgetown Day

With Georgetown Day just around the corner, it’s hard to believe another year has gone by on the Hilltop. We’ve survived through 365 days of classes, jobs, internships, applications, club... Read more


Preserve Georgetown Day

Congratulations, Hoyas. You’ve made it through another grueling academic year, and the end to all the hard work you’ve put in these last two semesters is definitely cause for celebration.... Read more


University implements changes to Georgetown Day

Following past complaints by neighbors and professors, the university will be taking steps to ensure safety and minimize disturbances on Georgetown Day. The university will monitor this year’s event, held... Read more


Georgetown Day Cup initiative to encourage recycling on campus

The GUSA Senate Sustainability Subcommittee and the Corp Green Initiative have partnered to sponsor the first Georgetown Day Cup competition to promote recycling and sustainability on campus April 25, the... Read more