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Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries of her own music on Dawn of Chromatica

Last year, Lady Gaga released her sixth album Chromatica (2020), which is fun and pop-y, yet still continues to deliver Gaga’s signature contrast of upbeat music paired with quite sad... Read more

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The Weekly List: Quarantine birthday

I turned 20 a few weeks ago and, damn, was it weird. There is something unsettling about turning another year older after you’ve spent the past six months doing absolutely... Read more

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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Shine in New Duet “Rain On Me”

“RAIN. ON. ME,” declares Lady Gaga in the chorus of her new single, and the beat drops, ushering in a high-tempo mix of echoes and synths. From start to end,... Read more

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The Best of Lady Gaga

To celebrate Lady Gaga’s recent critically acclaimed role in A Star is Born (2018), some wonderful Halftime staffers have decided to take a look at the star’s (get it?) long... Read more

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The Weekly List: Ghost of Halloween’s Past

This playlist was designed to help you have the spookiest Halloween party possible. That means bringing up the scariest songs that will take you back to 8th grade formal where... Read more


A Star Is Born Crystallizes the Transcendent and Timeless

Late into the final act of A Star Is Born, a character observes, “There’s only 12 notes, and the octave repeats. All an artist can do is offer the world... Read more


Weekly List: A History of Halftime

On Sunday Feb. 4, the Philadelphia Eagles will play the New England Patriots at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota in the 52nd Super Bowl game. Justin Timberlake is scheduled... Read more


Critical Voices: Lady Gaga, Joanne

After years of red carpet commotion and outrageous performances in which concerts were elevated to  spectacles, the public has grown to expect nothing but the abnormal from Lady Gaga. Naturally... Read more