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Carrying On

Carrying On: Reflecting on Death and My Grandmother’s Disease

Sometimes I run to think through a problem, but this is not one of those days. I’m at Yates, running on the treadmill because my left knee is too messed... Read more


Open Access: “But What About Overdiagnosis?”

Is mental illness overdiagnosed? I’m not going to answer that question. The idea that we’re mistakenly diagnosing people who don’t have mental illnesses is more harmful than many realize. These... Read more


Open Access: The Harm in Romanticizing Mental Illnesses

Acceptance of mental illness has come really far. We’re having open and honest conversations about what it feels like to live with depression or anxiety, and people who haven’t experienced... Read more


Carrying On: Breaking the silence around mental health

This past weekend, I did something incredibly nerve-wracking for me. No, it wasn’t exposing myself to the arctic weather or even the smutty antics and laughable dialogue of Fifty Shades... Read more