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Maisie Peters shows the duality of young adulthood on You Signed Up For This

After making a name for herself with her singles such as 2017’s “Places We Were Made,” a lyrical love letter to her hometown, and 2018’s wildly popular “Worst of You,”... Read more


Lil Nas X produced the goldilocks of pop albums with MONTERO

Pop songs often follow a carefully calculated formula for success: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. Writing a single that will top charts, or go viral, is a science that... Read more


Taylor Swift dives “headfirst, fearless” into the re-recording process with Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

On the heels of Taylor Swift’s historic Grammy triumph, where she received her third Album of the Year award, fans celebrate the re-recording of her first AOTY-winning album. Fearless (Taylor’s... Read more

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Ariana Grande is back on top with presidential ‘Positions’ music video

Pop powerhouse Ariana Grande has made her official comeback with her new single “positions,” from her upcoming sixth album of the same name, on October 21. To add to the... Read more


Dua Lipa Makes Pristine, yet Superficial, Bops on Future Nostalgia

When I first listened to Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album, its opening lyrics made me swoon. Lipa starts the song “Genesis” with, “In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth... Read more


“thank u, next” is here to stay

A Billboard #1 single. Flawless recreations of 2000s cult classics. Ariana Grande. What more could you ever ask for in a music video? Ariana Grande finally released a music video... Read more

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Creativity in Crisis: Is it Really Alternative?

Literally, the term “alternative” denotes something that departs from the norm, seeking creative and artistic divergence by uncovering unconventional sounds that provide listening ears with new options to tune into.... Read more

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Whistle While you Work

Earworm (n)—that catchy, though sometimes unwarranted, 2-4 bar melody that won’t seem to get out of your head. My roommates and I are always humming. Sometimes we’ve all caught on... Read more