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Signature Theatre’s Penelope is a poignant examination of unraveling

Penelope is a musical reimagining of mythical proportions.


Folger Theatre’s Reading Room Festival reimagines and celebrates Shakespeare’s works

At Folger Theatre's Reading Room Festival, each playwright revealed how Shakespeare’s work remains ever-salient.


Folger Theatre’s rendition of The Winter’s Tale is a beautiful blend of bone-chilling drama and sunny optimism

From the thoughtful mise-en-scène to the dynamic, earnest performances, there is an undeniable warmth radiating from this play’s center.


Exclusion tactfully tackles representation in Hollywood by contemplating what’s true, what sells, and what’s funny

Exclusion investigates who gets the power of the pen and who gets silenced through a skillful incorporation of critical comedy.


“Queer chaos” returns to Georgetown with The Rocky Horror Picture Show

More than anything, Rocky Horror is about self-acceptance, a sentiment immediately exposed to the audience.


“A Season of Sondheim”: Signature Theatre’s Pacific Overtures pays homage to Japanese theatrical traditions

Signature Theatre’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s Pacific Overtures handles its complex subject matter sensitively, but never with kid gloves.


“Does anybody have a map?” Dear Evan Hansen struggles to bring stage to screen

Content warning: Dear Evan Hansen discusses suicide Well, like it or not it is here: the long-awaited film adaptation of the smash-hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Theater fans may... Read more


Arena Stage welcomes Georgetown, Howard students in exploration of playwriting

Six students and alumni from Georgetown and Howard are developing their own plays through Arena Stage’s Playwrights’ Arena.


Simplistic but Stirring: Bandstand at the National Theatre Offers Lovely Homage to WWII

As the lights dim on the elaborately crafted nightclub for the show’s opening, a jarring flash of white light jolts the audience awake. An ensemble of soldiers stands onstage, their... Read more


J.B. is a Biblical Retelling with Modern Sensibilities

Serving as a mostly faithful retelling that is still able to feel like a unique story, J.B. is a riveting adaptation of the Book of Job, one of the more... Read more


At Arena Stage, Indecent is a Requiem for Art’s Endurance

Ghosts come alive at the start of Arena Stage’s production of Indecent, the dust rising from the actors’ heavy overcoats in poetic plumes. Lemml (Ben Cherry, bearded and earnest) serves... Read more


Not so Happy with Happy: Examining Disability Issues in Theater

As I sat on the hard plastic of a rigid chair in the auditorium of the Walsh Black Box Theater, watching the twists and turns of “Happy” unfold before my... Read more


Nomadic’s The Metal Children Captivates through Controversy

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, and Catcher in the Rye — what do these three books have in common? They have, at some point, been banned... Read more

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Point Break Live! is a Delightful Oddity

Point Break Live!, a traveling theater production paying homage to the 1991 film Point Break, is the love child of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a 90’s masterpiece, and the... Read more

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Camp David  shows care for its audience

The first sign is the smoke.  It’s not fire in the theater, but a kind of incendiary nonetheless—a rich, woody haze wafting from the omnipresent pipe of Egyptian President Anwar... Read more