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Touchstone Gallery’s virtual exhibits prove physical art cannot be replaced

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the doors to Touchstone Gallery remain closed to the public. Despite attempts to recreate the beloved experience online, Touchstone’s virtual exhibits fail to inspire... Read more

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Making Art Out of Sweets and Sentiments in Anna Katalkina’s Candy and Mementos

On a particularly warm January afternoon, dozens of patrons arrived at Touchstone Gallery to attend the opening of Contemporary Still Life: Candy and Mementos by Anna Katalkina. Friends and strangers,... Read more


Touchstone Gallery Exhibits Highlight the Duality of the Natural World

On one side of the white wall sits a giant, glossy, black-and-white photograph of sand dunes, while on the other, a coterie of small, vibrantly-colored photos of rock formations and... Read more


Colorful Worlds and Colorful Faces at the Touchstone Gallery

The Touchstone Gallery in downtown DC has two new exhibits for art lovers to immerse themselves in. The exhibits: “beg borrow + steal: works on cardboard by Dana Brotman” and... Read more


Good Things Come in Threes at Touchstone Gallery

At Touchstone Gallery in downtown D.C., three separate collections will be running until Oct. 1. The collections, “About Face: Reversals and Undoings,” “Physiognomy,” and “Ordered Complexities,” are all intricate explorations... Read more


Steve Alderton Captures the Blurred Emotions of Memory

Memoryscapes – Blurry Lines III is the third and final installment of a series of increasingly abstracted landscapes—but at first glance, these paintings don’t look like landscapes at all. Rather... Read more

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Recollections of the past in “Memoryscapes: Blurry Lines III”

In a little corner of the Touchstone Gallery, next to a window looking out onto busy New York Avenue, is the latest collection of paintings from local artist Steve Alderton.... Read more


Natural Simplicity: Metallics at the Touchstone Gallery

At first glance, Mary D. Ott’s metallic paintings seem to be characterized by their lack of complexity; her aptly titled piece “Gold on Black” refers to a dark canvas interrupted... Read more


Subtle Perplexity: Pespective at the Touchstone Gallery

On October 7th, 2016, David Alfuth premiered his latest exhibit, Perspective, available at the Touchstone Gallery through the month of October. It features a combination of framed, three-dimensional, architecture-inspired works... Read more

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Colors, Contrasts, and Complements at The Touchstone Gallery

Striking, captivating, and distinctive. These are the words that come to mind when viewing the latest exhibit at the Touchstone Gallery by two visiting guest artists, appropriately titled “Artwork by... Read more

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“Before They Are Gone” by Leslie Johnston, Touchstone Gallery

As someone who is not a frequent advocate of abstract art, I, surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed Leslie Johnston’s work. She is first and foremost an environmental scientist by profession, so it comes... Read more

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“The Quality of Light” by Pete McCutchen, Touchstone Gallery

After only a few minutes of conversation with photographer Pete McCutchen at the opening of his newest show, “The Quality of Light,” it is wildly apparent that he is no... Read more