Emma Chuck

Emma is a senior in the College majoring in English.


Halftime’s Favorite Holiday Albums

Timmy: Like a Gift From God or Whatever (2014) by Chris Farren Chris Farren’s Like a Gift From God or Whatever is unlike any other collection of Christmas songs you’ve... Read more


Trailer Takes: Antebellum, A Christmas Prince, Call of the Wild

Trailer 1 — Antebellum (2020) Emma: At first glance, the movie is gorgeous. The trailer opens to a beautiful estate, but it soon turns horrifying when the screen shows someone... Read more

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Seth Meyers’s Lobby Baby is on Solid Ground

Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers, best known for his current talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, just made his Netflix stand-up comedy special debut with Lobby Baby. The... Read more

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The Meme Files: “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner

October 10th was a life-changing day because the world received a gift hidden in the video tour of Kylie Jenner’s office. The Youtube upload confirmed basically all of our speculations... Read more

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The Weekly List: The Middle

Hello, all! It’s (unfortunately) midterm season, so here’s a playlist of bangers to get you through your study sessions. We’re also in the fall season, which means 2019 is almost... Read more

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New Kid on the Talk: Lilly Singh Makes Her Late-Night Debut

NBC’s new late-night talk show A Little Late with Lilly Singh arrived on screens this past Monday and introduced a wonderful new addition to the scene. Lilly Singh, most well-known... Read more


Booked on a Feeling: The 19th Annual National Book Festival

Books are alive, and they remind readers what it means to be so. An opening page emits a promise of adventure and fulfillment. An author will reveal stories only to... Read more

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The Perfect Date Is A Perfectly OK Movie to Watch on a Date

Netflix’s new movie, The Perfect Date (2019), features its highly-utilized heartthrob Noah Centineo as Brooks Rattigan, a senior in high school who has sky-high dreams, which is nothing new in... Read more

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Halftime’s Favorite Animal Films

Bambi (1942). The Lion King (1994). Kung Fu Panda (2008). Everybody loves a good animal film, and we at Halftime always have a lot to say about our favorite movies.... Read more

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The Weekly List: Live Registration

Live registration is on its way. In an attempt to prep you for it, here are some songs to accompany you through this frightening new journey. “Help!” by The Beatles... Read more