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Heartstopper season two is tender and unapologetically queer

In Heartstopper season two, high schoolers Nick and Charlie learn to navigate something entirely new: sincere and unapologetic queer love


Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey and Madelyn Cline want you to embrace the Pogue life

We had the opportunity to speak with Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey about season three, their experiences filming over the course of the pandemic, and their meteoric rise to fame in the process. 

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Halftime’s Favorite Halftimes: Television

It is the Georgetown Voice’s 50th anniversary week. To celebrate, the Halftime Leisure editorial team got together to review our favorite Halftime posts. To start things off, we selected from... Read more

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With a Powerful Lead, Russian Doll is an Intricate Vision of Heart

The drugs, dildoes, and death jump out immediately in this series, but eventually come to barely figure in the background of this innovative story about finding a path in life... Read more

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Best of 2018: Television

The Voice‘s “Best Of” section would be incomplete without all the amazing shows and seasons that came out in 2018. When it comes to all the binge-watch-worthy series, Halftime will always... Read more


House of Cards Misses its Last Chance to Save Itself

House of Cards has had a lot thrown its way. When it was picked up by Netflix to become the streaming service’s first original series in 2013, no one knew... Read more

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Las Chicas del Cable Are Calling

Thursdays feel different in Spain, as do Saturday mornings, and I couldn’t put my finger on why for a good long while. It finally hit me one Thursday evening as... Read more

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Season 3 of House of Cards Rises to the Top

Everyone’s favorite murdering, conniving, scheming, lying, and manipulating politician is back! Netflix’s hit series House of Cards released its third season on Friday, February 27th. After two seasons of political... Read more