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Oh, the places you won’t go (if you want to pursue education at Georgetown)

If you want to pursue a field other than law, healthcare, politics, or business, you’re left with few options; there are few productive majors for a college student, like myself, who is interested in early education. As I browsed my options for a new major, I started to question why the options were so limited. While the school offers a myriad of options for students pursuing high-earning fields, the same kind of variety doesn’t exist for students pursuing typically low-earning fields.


Educator exodus: Inside D.C.’s teacher turnover crisis

It’s an alarming high, especially here in the District. D.C. currently has the highest urban teacher turnover rate in the entire country.


If you want to do right by students, reconsider Teach For America

While TFA’s accelerated path to a (temporary) teaching certification may appear as a noble solution to the ongoing teacher shortage, in reality, it is a quick-fix program that exacerbates education inequity.


Georgetown’s “global perspective” shouldn’t end at Europe

Let Georgetown’s ongoing response to Ukraine guide its future engagement with world affairs, no matter the region or race of the affected.


D.C. bill requires schools to provide free period products to students

The D.C. Council passed a bill requiring District schools to provide free period products in all women’s and gender-neutral bathrooms.


It’s time we embrACE asexuality in our education system

While the same lack of resources that I’ve faced in researching my own sexuality will make it hard to create a full curriculum for asexuality, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. This curriculum must explore the fact that asexuality is a spectrum with no set level of sexual attraction experienced by every ace person.


When Neutrality Isn’t Enough: Exploring multipartiality in the classroom

Implementing multipartiality provides participants with a consideration of counter narratives, as well as a consideration of why these perspectives are so often suppressed. This question of “why?” provides insight as to the function of larger structures, including the education system itself. 


Georgetown’s reluctance to teach its history of racial transgression undermines commitment to anti-racism

Georgetown must educate students about its history of racial transgression in order to facilitate an anti-racist campus culture.


Missing in Action: How Elite Universities Threaten K-12 Teaching

Every day, over 300,000 classrooms nationwide are missing teachers. The United States currently faces an overwhelming shortage of public K-12 educators despite growing student enrollment. In teacher-training programs, the number... Read more


Reevaluate Grading Curves, Assess Students Fairly

For the spring 2019 semester, the McDonough School of Business (MSB) changed its undergraduate course grading guidelines. The previous policy, in place since 2009, specified that the average GPA in... Read more


The Public School Story DeVos Won’t Tell You

Betsy DeVos, the nominee for secretary of education, has a lot of ideas about the present state of our public education system. In light of this, I’d like to share... Read more


Higher Edge: The truth about rankings

The U.S. News and World Report released its annual college rankings list on Tuesday Sept. 12. University presidents, administrators, and deans waited with baited breath for its release as a... Read more


The Road Less Travelled: Understanding Different Journeys to the Hilltop

I sit in a classroom at Georgetown when my professor inquires, “How many of your high school classmates are sitting in seats like these right now?” Reflecting on years in... Read more