The Voice‘s Bunn Award winners 2019-2020

May 2, 2020

Every year, 18 pieces of student journalism are recognized by the Center for Student Engagement with the Edward B. Bunn Awards for Journalistic Excellence. Judges select winners across six categories: features, news, commentary, review, sports, and photo. This year, the Voice received 15 Bunn Awards, including first place in every category. Below are this year’s winners:


First Place: “Legality Doesn’t Always Equal Morality” by Katherine Randolph

Third Place: Post Punk: The Lumpy Space Collective Brings New Voices to D.C.’s DIY Music Scene by Sienna Brancato


First Place: Georgetown’s Long Path to Divestment by Annemarie Cuccia

Second Place: Black Survivors Coalition Occupies Healy Hall by Sarah Watson

Third Place: GroupMe Message Prompts Campus-Wide Reaction by Rachel Cohen


First Place: Carrying On: After Learning I’m Not the Only One by Sienna Brancato


First Place: Inane and Insane, Lucy in the Sky Isn’t as Empathetic as it Thinks it is by Abby Webster

Second Place: Joker’s Great Presentation Doesn’t Excuse its Abhorrent Message by Stephen Frost

Third Place: Making Art Out of Sweets and Sentiments in Anna Katalkina’s Candy and Mementos by Samantha Tritt


First Place: New Kid on the Starting Block: Carbone Heads to Olympic Trials by Inès de Miranda

Second Place: Kovacikova and Kelava Exemplify Women’s Basketball’s Far-And-Wide Recruiting Efforts by Will Shanahan

Third Place: Standing Out: Ewing Hopes to Avoid Fates of Other NBA Greats Turned Coaches by Aaron Wolf


First Place: God Knows by Sarema Shorr

Second Place: The Battle for D.C. by Steven Kingkiner

Third Place: Sit-in, Final Day by Sarah Watson

Below are the rest of our submissions to the Bunn committee. These represent some of the best pieces we published in the past year, and we are very proud of all of the hard work that went into them.


Hustlers on the Hilltop by Brynn Furey

“It’s Heartbreaking”: Newseum To Close Amid Financial Trouble by John Woolley

The GUSA Gender Gap by Annemarie Cuccia


Protesters, Arrested Monday, Return to Georgetown to Invite Students to Impeachment Protest by Jack Townsend

Who Can Afford to be a Washingtonian? by Caroline Hamilton


In Jest, or Depressed? by Paul James

Carrying On: My Summer on a Suicide Forum by Leina Hsu

Carrying On: The Hidden Cost of E-Scooters by Amanda Chu

Carrying On: True Meditation in the Self-help Era by Ryan Mazalatis


Circles Reveals Infinite And Intimate Sides Of Mac Miller by Emma Chuck

Critical Voices: Anderson .Paak, Ventura by Nicole Lai


Basketball Players LeBlanc, Alexander, Gardner Named in Civil Suits by Roman Peregrino

Seeking New Leadership, The Hoyas Turn To Veteran Brianna Jones by Brynn Furey


#FreeAustinTice by Nathan Posner

Riley Strassner by John Picker


Noah Telerski
Noah Telerski is a senior in the college studying government and economics and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Voice. He enjoys playing his guitar, talking about New Hampshire, and wearing Hawaiian shirts on Fridays.

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