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Reform the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life

Due to the hypocritical and offense nature of the conference and its speakers, H*yas for Choice calls on the Georgetown administration to mandate a conference name change by December 2021, as well as to explicitly condemn the actions of Cardinal O’Connor and the offensive rhetoric of the speakers at the conference.

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Contraceptive access on campus

This article is part of a series of explainer pieces by the Voice on some of the most important topics on campus. Other articles in the series can be found... Read more


Seeking a Space on Campus, Student Groups Weigh Benefits of University Recognition

String lights and pops of color hung on the walls of the Henle apartment: a portrait of Lupita Nyong’o, old Kober-Cogan building signs, and a miniature basketball hoop. This is... Read more


Petition calls on DeGioia to ban H*yas for Choice

An online petition with more than 15,000 signatures is calling for University President John DeGioia to ban H*yas for Choice (HFC). The petition, posted by TFP Student Action, has been... Read more


H*yas for Choice begins offering Plan B

H*yas for Choice (HFC), a student group that advocates for reproductive and sexual rights and healthcare, and is unaffiliated with the university, announced they would be offering Morning After Emergency... Read more


H*yas for Choice demands transparency in birth control coverage decision

Members of unrecognized student group H*yas for Choice delivered a letter to university president John DeGioia’s office on Monday detailing what they see as a lack of transparency in the... Read more


Protect Global Health, End the Gag Rule

The World Health Organization estimates that every eight minutes a woman in the developing world dies from an unsafe abortion.  On January 23, 2017 President Donald Trump endangered even more... Read more


Cultural Switch-Ups: Reproductive Rights in Chile

When you see Instagram posts of people’s study abroad experiences, you never see the 2 a.m. Wednesday night faces of desperation as gringos try to decipher jumbled streams of slang... Read more


Free Condoms and Sexual Assault: A Critique of My Freshmen Year Opining

Three and a half years ago I wrote an article for The Georgetown Voice entitled “Free Condoms At Parties May Encourage Sexual Assault.” As I prepare to graduate from Georgetown,... Read more


GUPD officer removes H*yas For Choice members protesting on 37th Street

An officer from Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety removed H*yas for Choice members from tabling on the sidewalk outside the University’s front gates Monday. The group was protesting a ceremony... Read more