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The two-episode premiere of The Santa Clauses puts the series on thin ice

The show picks up almost thirty years into Calvin’s tenure, as he begins to periodically lose his Christmas magic.


The holidays aren’t always happy. That’s okay, too.

I won’t wish you the happiest of New Year’s. But I will wish you a restful and peaceful one. Have whatever kind of New Year you need. 

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The Voice debates: Is Die Hard a Christmas film?

This holiday season, two Voice editors grapple with the age-old question: is Die Hard (1988) a Christmas movie?  (Alert: spoilers incoming)  Annie: Let me set the stage for you: It’s... Read more

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Dash & Lily dares to be the best Christmas rom-com ever

It’s Christmas in New York City. The lights are magical, the caroling groups sing on every corner, and the streets are somehow not overrun by tourists. You can have the... Read more


Quiz: What Awful Present That I Will Return The Day After Christmas Are You?

If your break was anything like mine, you spent the day after Christmas returning a half a dozen presents from relatives who had absolutely no idea what to get you.... Read more


Halftime’s Favorite Holiday Albums

Timmy: Like a Gift From God or Whatever (2014) by Chris Farren Chris Farren’s Like a Gift From God or Whatever is unlike any other collection of Christmas songs you’ve... Read more


Quiz: Which Holiday Song Are You Based On Your Finals Schedule?

Are you procrastinating by taking this quiz right now? What does that say about you? Answer these five questions to find out what kind of studier you are and what... Read more

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Holly Jolly Bake-Off

As the holiday season approaches, we are blessed with many a festive Netflix special, my favorite of which is undeniably the Great British Baking Show: Holidays. It has all the... Read more

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Let It Snow: A Christmas Twist On Classic Romantic Comedy Tropes

Let it Snow (2019) is the perfect movie to watch on a cozy Friday night after a long, stressful week—or a cozy, drunken Tuesday night after a long, stressful beginning... Read more

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The Princess Switch: Served Dry, Without a Twist

I thought The Princess Switch (2018) would be like that girl in high school who had it all: wealth, looks, smarts, cool bangs. But after watching the Netflix original holiday... Read more

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Trailer Takes: The Grinch, Bird Box, and Vox Lux

The Grinch — Jake: I think I came into this predisposed not to like what I saw. As someone who has watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1996) every... Read more

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The Weekly List: A Sufjan Stevens Christmas

Every year on December 1, like clockwork, the world collectively decides to bust out the Michael Bublé and the Mariah Carey and play the same ten songs on a loop.... Read more