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Critical Voices: <i>Ode to Joy</i>, Wilco

Critical Voices: Ode to Joy, Wilco


With Wilco’s new album Ode to Joy, the alt-rock band explores the relationship between love and pain with hazy vocals, wandering lyrics, and eclectic instrumentals. Although never explicitly political, Ode to Joy is deeply tied with the current cultural moment with lines like, “For all the people that I am not / And all their…

Critical Voices: <i>III</i>, The Lumineers

Critical Voices: III, The Lumineers


Meditative at times and raw at others, the Lumineers’ minimalistically-titled third studio album III is perhaps the band’s most cohesive narrative in record form. Told in three chapters, III painstakingly crafts a story about family addiction, all the while maintaining their sonic signature. Audiences should expect musical continuity between III and its discographic siblings, but…

Critical Voices: <i>The Nothing</i>, Korn

Critical Voices: The Nothing, Korn


To be blunt, Korn’s The Nothing is their emotionally darkest record yet. The nu-metal outfit’s thirteenth, thirteen-song record dropped (in the most authentically Korn style) on September the thirteenth. The Nothing came to fruition as Jonathan Davis, Korn’s frontman, was mourning the loss of his wife who died of an accidental overdose in August 2018….

Critical Voices: <i>All My Heroes Are Cornballs</i>, JPEGMAFIA

Critical Voices: All My Heroes Are Cornballs, JPEGMAFIA


In the leadup to the release of JPEGMAFIA’s third studio album, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, the Baltimore-based rapper released a series of mock promotional interviews in which he plays his new album to celebrities and films their sarcastic disapproval of his new sound. This serves to not only introduce the listener to the multi-layered…

Critical Voices: <i>Hollywood’s Bleeding</i>, Post Malone

Critical Voices: Hollywood’s Bleeding, Post Malone


The nine-month roll out for Post Malone’s third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, felt like a rollercoaster. The quality of the singles varied wildly, from the compelling “Goodbyes,” to the superficially pretty but substance-devoid “Circles.” All of the inconsistencies hinted that Hollywood’s Bleeding would be a wildly incohesive album. These expectations turned out to be correct. …

Critical Voices: EARTHGANG, <i>Mirrorland</i>

Critical Voices: EARTHGANG, Mirrorland


As Revenge of the Dreamers III topped the Billboard charts over this past summer, Dreamville producers and rappers, EARTHGANG, took their talent back to the studio. On September 6th, EARTHGANG released their third studio album, Mirrorland (2019), effectively asserting themselves as one of the most talented new groups in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally gaining notoriety from…

Critical Voices: <i>Norman Fucking Rockwell!</i>, Lana Del Rey

Critical Voices: Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey


Introspective and immersed in nostalgia, Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019) does not reflect a specific era—it captures a feeling. Infused with images and memories of California, the album exemplifies Lana’s ability to transcend genre and allows listeners to glimpse a more tender, vulnerable side of her character.    Lana Del Rey’s…

Critical Voices: Usher, <i>A</i>

Critical Voices: Usher, A


This summer, I went to an E-40 and Bone Thugz-n-Harmony concert. Between sets, one of the MC’s was working the crowd, joking around and playing radio hits to get people moving. Then, he made the off-hand comment, “how many people in their 30’s do we have in here?” and played some old Usher. The crowd…

Critical Voices: High On Fire, <i>Electric Messiah</i>

Critical Voices: High On Fire, Electric Messiah


Matt Pike, the guitarist and vocalist for High On Fire, is restless. This power-metal trio was borne out of his need to jam in his garage while his first band, legendary stoner-metal group Sleep, was on hiatus. Since releasing their last album, “Luminiferous,” Pike hasn’t been sleeping well. Lemmy of Motorhead visits him in his…

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