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For ESG investing to succeed, it needs to die

While ESG is often hailed as a transformational movement, shifting investors’ focus from pure profit to the greater good, today’s ESG movement is an irredeemably flawed way of doing so.


On the brink of Roe reversal, we must strengthen pro-choice arguments

Those affected by the loss of Roe have no obligation or duty to convince their opponents that they should change their minds—just living with the new reality is enough—but for those who do choose to take up this mantle, it simply isn’t enough to rely on those same arguments you put to friends who already agree with you.


Grief is the ghost we don’t know how to talk about

Healing from grief is a necessary life skill, both in that it is a part of life, and requisite to a healthy one.


Love Letter, Hate Mail: Making meaning at Georgetown

In truth, my college experience has not been the reverie that I imagined.


Lessons from my atypical freshman year

After exchanging GroupMe direct messages for two days, I committed to living with four other Georgetown freshmen I didn’t know and hadn’t talked to before. Less than a month later, we all moved in together.


Ask Voices

Readers’ questions answered by your favorite opinion editors.


Sorry, Not Sorry: How apologies are ruining us

We apologize for our sensitivity in expressing our emotions. We apologize for having needs. We punctuate our words with apologies, thinking nothing of it, and unknowingly face the consequences.


The holidays aren’t always happy. That’s okay, too.

I won’t wish you the happiest of New Year’s. But I will wish you a restful and peaceful one. Have whatever kind of New Year you need. 


One in the one-in-three

That night, I became one of the one-in-three women who has experienced sexual assault or coercion—without even realizing it. Yet despite our prevalence and the gravity of our circumstances, policymakers—like Betsy DeVos' new Title IX policies—continue to neither recognize nor support survivors of sexual assault. 


Carrying On: 38 days and not counting at the Tombs

"In February, I accepted the Tombs’ annual challenge for seniors. On every one of the last 99 days of senior year, I planned to descend into the Tombs and hand the bartender my ID as proof of my attendance. I found the cheapest items on the menu and set aside enough money for all the checks. If you make it, they’ll put your name on a plaque, and how can you put a dollar value on that?"


Hoyas’ Soft Schedule is an Airball

A men’s college basketball season for Power Five programs can be thought of as a slightly modified three-course meal. You start with appetizers, which are early-season marquee matchups like Duke... Read more


Bridging the Distance of Friendship

The day they left for college, two of my friends and I met at a Chick-fil-A next to the highway. During high school, the suburban chain had served as a... Read more


The Darkest Night

Everything I needed to know in life, I learned from Batman. Ok, everything might be a stretch. What I mean by that statement is that of the countless memorable lines... Read more


Did Georgetown Want Me Back?

The first people I saw as the elevator doors opened and the GERMS staff wheeled my stretcher through my dorm entrance were two acquaintances. “Don’t worry,” I laughed nervously as... Read more


To Take a S.T.A.N.D

My Home I have seen the junction of hope and hopelessness. I spent the first few years of my life on Emerson Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The place was falling... Read more


Three Of A Kind: Thoughts From A Freshman Hoya

The first time I ever encountered Georgetown University, aside from viewing the entirely under-appreciated masterpiece College Road Trip starring Martin Lawrence and Raven Symoné, was when I was 12 years... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: The revolution will not make you five pounds thinner

Halfway through my freshman year, I looked in the mirror, considered what I had eaten that day, and decided that something had to be done. I came to what I... Read more


Disregarding Disability

Throughout my two years at Georgetown, I’ve heard people say countless times that the university does everything in its power to help students graduate in four years. But in my... Read more


The Monster Under the Bed

A little more than a year ago today, as I sat vigilantly at my post at Reynolds carrying out my oath as a student guard (the few, the proud) to... Read more


Free Condoms and Sexual Assault: A Critique of My Freshmen Year Opining

Three and a half years ago I wrote an article for The Georgetown Voice entitled “Free Condoms At Parties May Encourage Sexual Assault.” As I prepare to graduate from Georgetown,... Read more