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Reform Title IX now

Title IX reform cannot wait; it is vital that improvements to current Title IX guidance occur now at both the university and federal levels.


Title IX fails the very group it exists to protect: Survivors of campus sexual violence

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault and harassment. Survivors of campus sexual violence are not lifeless statistics. They are real people whose lives were disrupted by a dehumanizing violation.... Read more


Administrators address changes to Georgetown’s Title IX policy

CW: This article discusses sexual assault and harassment  Following the Department of Education’s 2020 release of new Title IX amendments, a 1972 law that prevents educational institutions from discriminating on... Read more


I’m a survivor. And no, your policies aren’t enough.

"Georgetown and its students say survivors are not alone. We write it on the walls of our buildings and host rallies and shout together, but what will you do when the perpetrator is your friend or partner? What will you do when rejecting them means a major change in your life? What will you do when empowering a survivor is inconvenient for you? What will you do when your student organization is enabling abusers? What action will you actually, truly take to make sure a survivor is not alone?"


One in the one-in-three

That night, I became one of the one-in-three women who has experienced sexual assault or coercion—without even realizing it. Yet despite our prevalence and the gravity of our circumstances, policymakers—like Betsy DeVos' new Title IX policies—continue to neither recognize nor support survivors of sexual assault. 


Title IX class proposes sexual assault reforms to administration

Content Warning: This article references sexual assault and misconduct. “We are a new generation taking a fresh look at Title IX and gender equity on-campus,” Kayla Friedland (COL ’22) said.... Read more


Black Survivors Coalition Pushes the Boundaries of Student Activism

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault  For Georgetown’s survivors of sexual assault, sometimes direct action is the only way to get results. When members of the Black Survivors Coalition... Read more


Support Georgetown’s Black Survivors

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault  ************************************************************************************************************************* It is extraordinarily powerful to watch determined students demand their rights before senior members of the university administration. Members and supporters of... Read more


Students, administration discuss Campus Climate Survey results

Faculty and administration held a listening session on Oct. 21 to discuss the latest Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Misconduct Report, conducted in February 2019.  The survey had... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Unbelievable: A Netflix Must Watch

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault   As of late, believability has become quite the hot topic. In the era of fake news, the public is constantly given minimum... Read more


Over 30 percent of undergraduate women reported experiencing sexual assault

The Association of American Universities (AAU) released its aggregated results of the 2019 Campus Climate Survey (CCS) on Oct. 15. The report includes results from the survey that Georgetown administered... Read more


Georgetown submits comment on proposed Title IX changes

Georgetown submitted its comment to the Department of Education on Wednesday on the department’s proposed changes to Title IX enforcement. The comment was largely critical of the changes on several... Read more


Students oppose proposed Title IX changes at listening sessions, final taking place tonight

Two of three scheduled listening sessions on the Department of Education’s proposed changes to Title IX regulations have been hosted by the university, with the final taking place tonight. Maria... Read more


DeGioia invites campus community to discuss proposed Title IX regulations

University President John DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community explaining how the university’s plans to respond to the proposed Title IX regulations released by the Department of Education... Read more


GUSA senate passes resolution supporting STAIV

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a resolution to support Students Taking Action against Interpersonal Violence (STAIV) in advocating for survivors of sexual assault at their Nov. 18 meeting. The resolution... Read more


Students demand university action in light of proposed Title IX changes

Students Taking Action against Interpersonal Violence (STAIV) delivered a letter to Georgetown administrators demanding that the university denounce Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes to Title IX regulations on... Read more


Students disappointed by SAMAC update

Some students feel that the Sexual Assault and Misconduct Advisory Committee (SAMAC) has not made enough concrete progress following an email SAMAC sent to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students on... Read more


Annual Security Report released with new crime stats, policies

Notable increases in reported hate crimes, as well as campus disciplinary referrals for drugs and alcohol, were the main findings in this year’s Annual Security Report. The report, which GUPD... Read more


A Call for Reckoning over Sexual Assault

Content Warning: Sexual Assault Editor’s Note: Nair wrote in a June 28, 2019 email to the Voice that “No complaint has ever been lodged against me regarding my conduct with either... Read more


Jenn Wiggins Spreads the Gospel of Health Ed On Campus

As the credits roll on The Hunting Ground, the audience appears solemn and reflective. A panel of professionals sits on the stage of the ICC auditorium, ready to discuss the... Read more