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Turf & Burn: Head vs. Heart

The spreadsheet tally has begun, which can only mean one thing: Turf & Burn’s NFL gameday predictions are officially hotter than ever. Caroline and Dylan recap last week’s team performances and... Read more


Post Pitch: The Ethics of Georgetown’s Investments

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, join Podcast Editor Romy Abu-Fadel in her interview with Editorial Board representative Lukas Soloman. They discuss this week’s editorial board piece which dives... Read more


Turf & Burn: Season 2 Opener

Caroline and Dylan are back for Season 2 of the Turf & Burn podcast! They kick off their season opener recapping the summer highlights they missed over the break, notably the Vegas Golden Knights... Read more


Post Pitch: Dear Hoyas

Welcome back to Post Pitch, and the Hilltop! In this week’s episode, Podcast Executive Producer Jillian Seitz interviews writer Dane Tedder about his work on the “Dear Hoyas” editorial. As... Read more


Turf & Burn: Episode 3

For episode 3 of Turf and Burn, Caroline and Dylan recap LSU winning women’s March Madness, Caitlin Clark’s record breaking dominance, and Kim Mulkey’s coaching style. They also give their predictions for... Read more


Turf & Burn: Episode 2

On episode 2 of Turf & Burn, co-hosts Caroline and Dylan dive into hotly debated sports topics, from trade requests to player safety and officiating across hockey, football, baseball, and... Read more


Post Pitch: Coffee Chats

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, Podcast Assistant Editor Romy Abu-Fadel interviews writer Olivia Pozen about her recent piece: “The curse of of ‘let’s get coffee’: How networking has... Read more


Post Pitch: What is the XFL?

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, Podcasts Assistant Romy Abu-Fadel interviews Halftime Sports Assistant Editor Bradshaw Cate about the recently returned XFL. After you listen, make sure to check... Read more


How Discord unites podcasters, creators, and isolated students

As the pandemic drove an increased desire for community, Discord allowed over 140 million socially distant people to come together.


Food for Thought: Class, chickens, and authenticity

John, Kayla, and Charlie talk about food marketing and how advertising intersects with socioeconomic class. Come for the learning, stay for the puns. Listen to Food for Thought and other... Read more


Getting Curious About Getting Curious

Jonathan Van Ness strides onto the stage in high-heeled boots, his long hair flowing and his ultra-stylish outfit perfectly accentuating his form. He takes a seat and greets the audience,... Read more

Taste Test

Taste Test: Trader Joe’s

In this episode of Taste Test, Devon O’Dwyer, Claire Goldberg, Caitlin Mannering, and Amy Guay taste and rank an assortment of Trader Joe’s fall items.

Halftime Sports

The Sports Sermon: Alabama vs UCF, The Podcast

On this episode of The Sports Sermon, Chris Dunn and Will Shanahan join new host Parker Houston to talk about UCF’s undefeated season, the college football national championship game, and... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Untitled Leisure Project: The Gauntlet – Bee Movie

On this episode of The Untitled Leisure Project, the Gauntlet returns! Jon Block moderates a discussion between Daniel Varghese and Danielle Hewitt, where they debate if the Bee Movie was good.